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Bachelor of Science - Sonography Major Course Descriptions

Course Number: DMS 265
Course Title: Introduction to Vascular – 3 credits

This course will introduce the student to vascular sonography. It will include the hemodynamics, pathology and pathophysiology of the vascular system. The student will be introduced to normal and abnormal vasculature and the differentiation between the venous and arterial systems. Discussion will include the clinical signs and symptoms and the appropriate diagnostic testing and treatment of various vascular diseases. Emphasis will be placed on the functional workings and settings associated with vascular procedures.

Course Number: DMS 288
Course Title: Focused Sonography – 3 credits

As the role of ultrasound technology continues to expand in arenas beyond the diagnostic role, it is important for sonographers to be cognizant of the medical value of the expanded non-traditional roles for patient outcomes. This seminar course will explore the role of sonography in interventional procedures, limited applications and developing specializations nationally and globally by various healthcare providers. Through research and analysis, various entities for use of ultrasound technology will be explored, as well as roles and scope of practice for the practitioner, and controversial issues. This course incorporates an introduction to information literacy and research methodologies.

Course Number: DMS 310
Course Title: Breast Sonography - Credits 2

Catalog Description:
Breast Sonography requires extensive knowledge in anatomy of the breast, physics of ultrasound, proper scanning technique and characteristics of pathology. This course will focus upon breast anatomy, correlation to mammography and the intricacy of proper scanning techniques. Classifications and types of benign and malignant pathology will be discussed in relationship to the expected sonographic characteristics. Course is designed for participants who desire an introductory course or as a review for the ARDMS, ARRT or American Society of Breast Surgeons breast specialty examination.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with mammography or sonography

Course Number: DMS 320
Course Title: Advanced Vascular Sonography - Credits 3

Catalog Description:
This course will discuss the pathophysiology of various vascular diseases, associated sonographic findings, diagnostic interpretation criteria and current methods of treatment. Emphasis will be placed on techniques for performance and sonographic findings for advanced and less commonly performed vascular procedures.

Prerequisites: DMS 265: Introduction to Vascular Sonography or a minimum of one full year of clinical experience in vascular sonography.

Course Number: DMS 330
Course Title: Advanced Fetal and Pediatric Sonography - Credits 3

Catalog Description:
This course will discuss congenital heart disease with emphasis on diagnosis during the fetal stage, neonatal neurosonography, and application of sonography specific to the pediatric population. Topics will include, but not limited to, fetal heart and cranial embryology, anomalous development and sonographic appearances of normal and pathological conditions. Neonatal sonographic application for congenital hip dysplasia and pyloric stenosis will be examined.

Prerequisites: One year full-time clinical sonographic experience or permission of the Instructor.

Course Number: DMS 340
Course Title: Pathophysiology For Healthcare - 3 credits

This course will discuss the pathophysiology and genetic basis of disease with emphasis on the causes, manifestations, treatment protocols, and prognoses of commonly occurring disease processes. Topics will include, but not be limited to, genetic, infectious, immunologic, cardiovascular, neoplastic, endocrine, cardiovascular, and renal diseases. Emphasis is placed on selected diseases encountered by the sonographer.

Course Number: DMS 413
Course Title: Cooperative Education - 1-4 credits

This is a variable credit course which allows the working credentialed sonographer the opportunity to combine academic study with work experience to further explore leadership concepts. Credits are dependent on number of hours to be completed, and assignments are adjusted accordingly.

Course Number: DMS 420
Course Title: Current Trends and Practices in Sonography - Credits 3

Catalog Description:
This course will take an in-depth approach to evaluate external and internal factors that impact the realm of sonography as part of the dynamic healthcare environment. Topics to be included, but not limited to, are technological advances, economic, legal, federal regulations, moral, and ethical issues.

Course Number: DMS 430
Course Title:Independent Study-Sonography - Credits 2

Catalog Description:
This course focuses on utilizing sonographic knowledge gained from within the major and clinical experience to plan and implement a specialized project which would enhance the field of sonography in the employment setting, profession, or the community.

Prerequisites: Minimum 1 year of clinical experience in sonography or permission of the Instructor.

Course Number: DMS 472
Course Title: Sonography Clinical Externship

Clinical externships provide an opportunity for the sonographer to expand his/her knowledge in specialty fields or a different area of sonography. Areas may include, but not limited to, perinatology, vascular, cardiac, or pediatrics. The sonographer (student) is responsible to secure a clinical facility willing to provide a quality clinical education in the specialty area desired. In conjunction with the Chair of Sonography, a contract with the facility will be required prior to commencement of the externship. The student can determine the value for the number of credits at a ratio of 120 clinical hours = 1 credit up to a maximum of 5 credits.