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Whats Happening On Campus

  • 2007 Dating Game Contestants
    2007 Dating Game Contestants!
  • 08 homecoming
    2008 Homecoming Talent Show
  • midnight madness
    Midnight Madness
  • springfest09
    SGA Spring Weekend 2009

Channel 10 – MU’s own television station shows what's going on campus in the next couple weeks. Full color flyers

Running Board – Look for our own scrolling marquee that tells of this week’s activities. It will be displayed at the new Student Union opening in Spring 2010.
Flyers – In the residence halls, in the Banks Center, Anderson too, and Mercy Hall, flyers are hung across campus to inform you the students of the many great opportunities that exist to get involved or go see a great show! 
Targeted Announcement – These messages show up right on your E-MU portal to let you know certain bits of information that directly pertain to you. Take a look at them, they let you know what is going on campus.
Campus Calendar – Talk about one-stop knowledge. The Campus Calendar has all the programs that go on campus ranging from Student Activities to the performing arts to Campus Ministry. Accessable through E-MU and the website.
E-MU CAMPUS LIFE TAB - MU gets shaken up by the Campus Life tab full of valuable data, dates, and links to all sorts of what's happening on campus. Information ranging from dates to Student Government forms to Cougar Radio and the Highlander can be found under CampusLife.
Special Advertising – Sometimes all this just isn’t enough to let you know of the great opportunities happening on campus. Pay attention to some spectacular signs or special things to get attention so you don’t miss out. Sometimes signs will be on the floor, other times they will be hung from ceilings. You never know, but you do know whatever it is, it will be a great opportunity!
Student Union (Spring 2010!) - This brand new student center will showcase all that is happening on campus.  Stop by to relax, take a study break, or hang out with friends.  Also located in the Student Union, will be the Highlander Newspaper, Cougar Radio, Student Government Association, and Student Activities.  Don't forget to play a game of pool, foosball, or a video game.  Stop in to any of the many offices to see what's going on!