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Alyson Gerdes

Entrenamiento para ser una Familia Exitosa (Training to be a Successful Family): Development and Pilot of Culturally-Modified Parent Training for Latino Families

Dr. Alyson Gerdes, Marquette University
April 14 from 5:00 – 5:50 pm, Lemmond Auditorium,

ADHD is one of the most commonly diagnosed mental health disorders in children. The long-term, developmental trajectory of ADHD suggests that these children continue to experience debilitating symptoms, as well as significant academic, social, and family difficulties into adulthood. In light of staggering mental health disparities for some of the fast growing ethnic minority groups in the United States, such as Latinos, it is particularly important to ensure effective treatment is available to these children who have not been well represented in treatment outcome studies examining parent management training for ADHD or other externalizing disorders. In an effort to address this need, data from multiple sources, including parental focus groups, were used to culturally modify, an evidence-based parent training program for Latino youth with ADHD. Data from a small pilot demonstrated that all families successfully completed and reported high satisfaction with the culturally-modified treatment. Eighty percent of children demonstrated reliable improvement in ADHD symptomatology, and 40% of parents reported reliable improvement in both parental and family functioning.



The Dark Side of Relationships: Why Do People Cheat?
Dr. Gary W. Lewandowski Jr., Monmouth University
April 8, 2013, 5:00 – 5:50 pm, Lemmond Auditorium

The vast majority of long-term committed romantic relationships have exclusivity as a fundamental expectation. However, relationship partners can violate each other’s trust by engaging in extra-dyadic behavior or cheating. This talk discusses what types of behaviors qualify as cheating and what leads some individuals to cheat, while others remain faithful. In terms of why people cheat, special attention will be given to how one’s sense of self influences the inclination to cheat. Specifically, I will discuss several studies that explore the role of self-expansion (the motivation to grow and enhance the self) and self-regulation (the ability to control one’s own behavior) on cheating behavior.






Graduating seniors (from left) Libro Ciarmatori (back left), Class Valedictorian Leah Kaiser (second from right), and Jessica Zaborny (back right) received the Psychology Department Academic Achievement Awards for their excellent performance in their major classes.

 Kelly Rogan (second from left) received the Outstanding Student Award for her leadership as President of the Psychology Club.


Graduating seniors and psychology faculty celebrated the upcoming graduation at Frances Slocum Park.

Front row (from left to right): Kelly Rogan, Amy Burke, Jessica Zaborny, Coreen Leonardo Middle row: Lindsay Cappello, Marian Yoder, Christina Demellier Back row: Alicia Nordstrom, Alexis Kolbeck, Chip Hunter, Ann Marie Gayz, Libro Ciarmatori, Chuck LaJeunesse


Graduating seniors gathered at Frances Slocum State Park for a barbeque celebration of their accomplishments and faculty sendoff to their new destinations.

Front row (from left to right): Michele Zapatocki, Meghan Kane, Megan McClary. Middle row: Cassie Fumanti, Sarah Layman, Kayla Greene, Breanne Finagan, Leah Conant, Kylie Fagnano, Kim Swartz. Back row: Jim Miller


Megan McClary (Class Valedictorian) and Roger Giovino received the Psychology Department Academic Achievement Awards for their notable academic performance in major psychology courses.

Sarah Layman received the Psychology Department Outstanding Student Award for her service work to the department. 


March 18, 2011

Dr. Wind Goodfriend is the principal investigator for the Institute for the Prevention of Relationship Violence, an Associate Professor of Psychology at Buena Vista University, and has been doing research on relationship violence for the past ten years. In this talk, she explainED psychological perspectives on both the perpetrators and victims—or survivors—of relationship violence. The talk will includeD “risk factors” that predict who might become violent, and will attempt to understand reasons why some victims of violence choose to stay in abusive relationships.  Dr. Goodfriend is the co-author of the book "Voices of Hope: 




Michael Bobrowski received the Psychology Department Outstanding Student Award for his research contributions to the Psychology Department.

Janet Arroyo received the Psychology Department Academic Achievement Award for her excellent performance in her major classes.



On May 2, 2010, the Psychology department formed a team of walkers to participate in the newly formed Misericordia chapter of Colleges Against Cancer (CAC) walk of Relay for Life to benefit the American Cancer Society. 

Pictured are members of "Team Didgeridoo" included:  (back row) Matt Rogers, Melanie Shepherd (Philosophy faculty), Kelly Rogan (student), Mary (student), Katie O'Hearn (student) and (front row) Justin Nordstrom, Levi Nordstrom, and Alicia Nordstrom (Psychology faculty).  



March 20, 2009

Dr. Scott Lilienfeld, Professor of Psychology at Emory University in Atlanta taught us what works and what doesn’t work when treating mental health disorders. Dr. Lilienfeld received his Ph.D. in Psychology (Clinical) from the University of Minnesota in 1990 and completed his clinical internship at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinics in Pittsburgh. He is the founder and editor of the journal, Scientific Review of Mental Health Practice and has been a member of nine journal editorial boards. Dr. Lilienfeld has published over 200 articles, book chapters, and books across a range of topics from personality and anxiety disorders to pseudoscience in psychology. His work on psychological science and pseudoscience has been featured in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, Boston Globe, Washington Post, USA Today, the New Yorker, and Scientific American. In addition, he has appeared on ABC’s 20/20, CNN, the CBS Evening News, and National Public Radio. He is also a regular columnist for Scientific American Mind magazine. In 2008, he was named as one of the 40 most productive researchers across all U. S. clinical psychology doctorate programs.



Amanda Nitowski (left) received the Psychology Department Service Award for her dedication and contributions to the Psychology Department.

Cheri Balmer (right) received the Psychology Department Academic Achievement Award for her excellent performance in her major classes.          

Pictured (from left to right) are: Amanda NItowski, Dr. Marnie Hiester (Chair), Cheri Balmer)


The Psychology Department faculty and graduating seniors visited Rickett’s Glen State Park for a celebration picnic during senior week in May, 2008.

Picture 1: Graduating seniors celebrate with a hand-made cake (from left to right: Dr. Chip Hunter, Douglas Fedor, Dr. Marnie Hiester (Chair), Jeremy Reeves, Kerri Petro, Stephanie Chapman (front), Dr. Chuck LaJeunesse, Becky Clouse, Nicole Thomas-Grube, Dr. Alicia Nordstrom)


Picture 2: A Psychology major (Becky Clouse, left) goes hiking with her professors (Dr. Chuck LaJeunesse, Dr. Marnie Hiester, Dr. Alicia Nordstrom)

Picture 3: The Psychology faculty (Dr. Chuck LaJeunesse, Dr. Marnie Hiester, Dr. Chip Hunter, Dr. Alicia Nordstrom)