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About Us

The Business Professionals Association (BPA) at Misericordia University is a professional organization that helps prepare students for a career as a business professional. The BPA was established in 2009 under the direction of John M. Sumansky, Ph.D., chair of the Misericordia Business Department in collaboration with Misericordia business students to serve as a connection between the classroom and the professional world.

The BPA is open primarily to upper class business majors, including juniors, seniors and graduate students in good academic standing in both the traditional degree program and the Expressway Accelerated Degree Program for adult students. Periodically, programs will be opened to freshmen and sophomore students.
The BPA is governed by a board of directors which also includes four officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Those in leadership positions in the BPA are current students and/or graduates of a Misericordia University business program. 
The BPA is an ever-evolving organization that strives to continue to meet the needs of its members. Programs offered and sponsored by the BPA create opportunities for business students to develop their leadership skills and to network with area professionals from a variety of disciplines. Most importantly, the BPA helps students of the Business Department at Misericordia University to develop a sense of professionalism that will help graduates lead and excel in their chosen fields after graduation.