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“Being a member of the BPA has really opened the door for me to some great opportunities. Through the BPA, I was introduced to a local nonprofit organization where I was able to utilize the skills that I had learned in the classroom as well as through my membership in the BPA. As a result of even just that one initial opportunity, I have been able to connect with so many more influential people in the business community that will keep the doors opening for me for many years to come. I am excited about the way the BPA continues to grow and am confident that membership in this organization will lead to many more exciting opportunities to develop myself as a professional businesswoman. ”

 Candice G. Dutko, graduate student, Organizational Management, Class of 2011
The Misericoridia University Business Professional Association has enabled me to grow and learn so much more as an individual. Although I had many other networking groups, this organization has surpassed all my expectations. This is the ideal setting for undergraduates as well as grad students to become involved with the local business community.   Although I will graduate in May, 2010, I look forward to a continued association with the organization. Over time, I foresee this organization growing and becoming more of a force on campus for the business students.   This will only add to the learning experience of the students and graduates. The organization will also serve to recognize outstanding business students going forward.
Bill Bookwalter MBA
Spring, 2010
Universities teach students to broaden their knowledge, develop their values, and further their professionalism. The Business Professional Association has been formed to specifically guide upperclassmen as well as graduate students pursuing business studies toward success in their careers. I became a member in my Junior year. Since then, I have been exposed to networking opportunities and have since taken active roles as Secretary, and newly elected Vice President on the BPA Board. Sitting on the Board has allowed me to voice my opinions and concerns to further grow the organization. A great feature of the BPA Board is that it operates very similar to a Corporate Board. I am very confident that I will sit on a Board at somepoint throughout my career. Having this experience has made me comfortable with the thought of professional interaction. Through the many networking opportunities I have been given, I have met executives who have allowed me to shadow them along with providing me with an internship.These types of oportunities go well beyond what is learned in the classroom. Gaining valuable contacts that can be utilized in the future enhances the probability of my success.
Kristina Hrabcak, Business Administration; Management, Undergraduate Class of 2011