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Digital Screens and Entrance Marquee

Misericordia University operates an LED display at our main entrance. Departments and clubs on campus can request announcements to be posted there via an online form.

The Marketing Department also manages the digital signs in Insalaco Hall, Lemmond Theater, Metz Field House, and MacDowell Hall. Members of the campus community can request content for those signs as well using the online form below. Note that the Marketing Department manages the signage only at the locations listed above. Other digital signs on campus are managed by other departments for specific uses.

If you are interested in placing a message on the marquee or on our digital signs, it is very important to follow these guidelines. Request that fall outside of these guidelines may not be processed.

1. To make official requests for digital screens or to place messages on the front entrance marquee, please click here to access our online form. (Must be accessed from the e-MU portal. Within the portal go to Employee tab>Important Links>Digital Screen Request Form)

2. All requests must be received at least TWO WEEKS in advance so that staff can be scheduled to reprogram the signs. Requests that arrive without this notice may not be processed.

3. There is a maximum number of events that can be posted at any given time. Marketing staff reserve the right to limit the number of postings and prioritize those posts. If there is a conflict, events impacting a greater number of people will be given priority.

4. Please keep messages short and to the point. Usually the name of the event, the date, and basic contact information are enough. Remember to include any graphics that might be related to the event when you submit your form.

5. Events that are posted far in advance may be temporarily taken down to accommodate other scheduled events, then replaced.

6. Messages must be related to an officially sanctioned entity or project of the university. No outside advertising or promtions will be permitted.

Please feel free to contact the Marketing Department with any questions or comments.