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Media Policy for Interviews and Photographs/Video Taping

The CAPS Center staff is happy to meet with students interested in the activities and work of the Center and is interested in furthering the learning and professional development of students.  Therefore, the following guidelines will facilitate the best experience possible for both the interviewer and the counselor:

  • Due to confidential nature of the counseling profession, no names of student-clients can be given, nor can taping of individual or group sessions with real clients be conducted.
  • In order to be prepared for interviews, counselors need the interviewer's questions at least one week prior to an interview.
  • The interviewer will schedule an appointment with the counselor in order to conduct the interview (This means interviews WILL NOT be granted for students who show up at the Center and expect to do an interview/taping on the spot).
  • Since the credibility of counselors is important, the counselor who is interviewed will need to see any quotes used in an article/publication BEFORE the article goes to print in order to check for the accuracy of his/her statements.  If this request is not adhered to by interviewers, future requests for interviews from students will not be granted.