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Admissions Requirements

The minimum criteria for admission into the Medical Science program as a freshman student are:

  • Class rank in the top third of the high school graduating class and/or a cumulative 3.2 grade point average
  • Minimum combined SAT score of 1050 for Critical Reading and Math (combined) or equivalent ACT composite score (23)

Successful transfer applicants will hold a minimum collegiate grade point average of 3.3, having completed at least 15 college credits, have a science grade point average of 3.0, and have a proven record of success in high school and have no disciplinary actions on record.  Transfer applicants must successfully complete an interview with Physician Assistant Program faculty to be accepted into the program.

Please note the above listed requirements are general, and that each application is looked at thoroughly, taking into account individual grades, academic rigor, and other factors. Meeting states minimums guarantees consideration for the program, but does not imply automatic acceptance.