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Newsletter Subscriptions

Misericordia University has multiple newsletters that keep the Misericordia community up to date on current and exciting news occurring throughout campus. These newsletters are open to the public for subscription.

  • The Highlander is a student run newspaper that discusses new happenings on campus and important student issues. It is available online as well as in print.

       In order to subscribe:

               -Click on the Highlander logo below

              -Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage

              -Look for the box on the left hand side titled "Email Updates"

              -Enter your email address

Click here to access Misericordia Highlander and sign up for the newsletter

  • Misericordia Athletics also has a newsletter that provides the latest updates on sports events and highlights from recent games.

    Click on the link below in order to subscribe to the Athletics Newsletter


Click here to sign up for the MU Athletics Newsletter