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Frequently Asked Questions

How will a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Care Management help me advance in my career?

  • If you are at entry level or mid-level in your career, a BS in Health Care Management will help you advance rapidly in your organization.
  • Increase your career knowledge base to include management skills, leadership development, and skills in specific areas of health care finance.
  • Learn how to control spending, maximize limited resources, and how to capture additional revenues through a clear understanding of financing and payment mechanisms.
  • By combining a specialization of marketing to your Health Care Management program, you can design a degree that will advance your career in areas of health care sales. Students can also take advantage of the new Health Care Informatics program as either a specialization or as a stand-alone certificate.

Who are potential employers once I have my degree?
Hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, federal, state and local health departments, health insurers, rehabilitation and one-day surgery centers, home health agencies and hospices are all potential employers. Likewise, sales and marketing positions in pharmaceutical, bio-tech, medical devices, and other health care providers are growing in this region.

What kind of computer skills and access do I need?
You should have basic computer skills such as word processing, have the ability to send and receive emails and attachments, download files, and be familiar with searching the Internet. A review of these skills will be conducted at orientation sessions.
Students taking the online Health Care Informatics classes will require additional skills.

What can I expect in class size?
Class size is expected to be between 12-20 students.

What types of Financial Aid are available to me?
In order to be considered for financial assistance, a student must be enrolled for a minimum of six (6) credits within any given 15-week semester. Students may be eligible for Federal Pell Grants and Federal Stafford Loans. Students having a bachelor’s degree are not eligible for federal or state grant money. However, Stafford Loan money is available.

How does employer reimbursement or payment work?
A tuition reimbursement letter stating the terms of the benefit from the employer must be on file prior to registration. This payment plan permits tuition and fees to be paid up to thirty (30) days after the issuance of grades instead of at the time of registration. However, it is the responsibility of the student, not the employer, to ensure that payment is made. Students receiving only partial tuition benefits must make arrangements to pay the costs that are not covered by the employer at the time of registration.

Who can help me if I have questions?
For more information on this program, please contact the Health Care Management program director: Allen Minor, at 570-674-8059, toll free at 1-866-262-6363 or by e-mail at