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Technical Services

All ordering, cataloging and physical processing of library materials is completed in this area. Faculty requests for materials can be submitted to the department liaisons or the Director of Library Services

Department Staff:

Jennifer Luksa
Head of Collection Resource Management
Tel: 674-6325
Email: jsluzele@misericordia.edu

Sameera Redkar
Electronic Resources/Systems Librarian
Tel: 674-8103
Email: sredkar@misericirdia.edu

Elizabeth Spaciano
Budget and Acquisitions Specialist
Tel: 674-6329
Email: espacian@misericordia.edu

Laura Rock
Cataloging Specialist
Tel: 674-6351
Email: lrock@misericordia.edu

Mark Stull
Serials Specialist
Tel: 674-3039
Email: mstull@misericordia.edu