Metz Field House

The John and Mary Metz Field House was built in 2012 to accompany the new fields in the Anderson Complex. The 21,750 square foot facility offers new meeting and locker room space for Misericorida's outdoor sports teams and visitors.

Metz Field House
The field house is located next to Mangelsdorf and Tambur Athletic fields.

Football locker room
The football team has a dedicated locker room, which is right next to the doors leading out to Mangelsdorf Field, underneath the bleachers.

Study hall/Film room
The Metz field house will not only have locker rooms, but also a weight room, and room for team study halls, which occur a few nights a week, and film sessions.

Athletic locker rooms
Within the facility, there are multiple locker rooms, for both home teams and visitors. Each locker room has a restroom and shower facility directly attached to it, and ample space in the event that various sports teams need to use the locker rooms at the same time.