Bauman receives prestigious scholarship from Pennsylvania Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Laura receives congratulations from Dr. Cari Tellis, Ph.D.
Laura Bauman of Dallas, Pa., a speech-language pathology (SLP) graduate student at Misericordia University, was awarded the 2009 Von Drach Memorial Scholarship by the Pennsylvania Speech-Language-Hearing Association at the 50th anniversary convention in King of Prussia.

The prestigious $1,000 scholarship is awarded annually to a student from one of Pennsylvania’s 14 SLP schools in honor of Dr. Robert Von Drach. It is given to a student who exhibits strong leadership abilities and outstanding academic and clinical scholarship within the profession. In 2008, the scholarship was awarded to Misericordia University SLP graduate student Katrina Emerick.

Bauman, the daughter of John and Janet Bauman, has a 4.0 grade point average in her graduate studies and has presented research findings at state, national and international conferences. She is currently conducting a groundbreaking study with Cari Tellis, Ph.D., assistant professor of SLP at Misericordia University, and physicians and researchers at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Voice Center. The research focuses on an effective, non-invasive method of determining intrinsic laryngeal muscle function through measurement of oxygen uptake and hemoglobin levels in the larynx.

The graduate student assisted in the research, distribution and data analysis of a survey-based study in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York and New Jersey on teachers’ awareness and use of vocal hygiene. Results from the study indicate there is a need for more knowledge and education in the area of vocal use and care for people in thee teaching profession.

Bauman also participated in the research, creation, analysis and presentation of a study on authority in the voice with Dr. Cari Tellis. The results provide individuals in speaking professions as well as SLPs with the power to increase the mark of authority in either their voices or their client’s voices.

Overall, Bauman has presented nine papers at Pennsylvania Speech-Language-Hearing Association, American Speech-Hearing-Language and international conferences in Chicago, Harrisburg and Hawaii.

“A hallmark of Laura’s work is that she is an exceptional student who performs in the top 1 percent of my class in all her assignments and academic performance,’’ lauded Glen Tellis, Ph.D., department chair and associate professor of SLP at MU. “She has a keen intellect and it is apparent from her insights that she goes beyond the textbook to enlighten her peers and to seek clarification of important concepts.

Bauman will complete her Master of Science degree in SLP from Misericordia with fieldwork placements at two prominent clinical sites. Beginning May 25, she will be a student clinician at Johns Hopkins Rehabilitation Hospital in Baltimore, Md., in the otolaryngology department. At the Lab School of Washington, D.C., Bauman will provide SLP services to school-aged children.

“By helping children overcome vocal problems, by studying the effects of vocal hygiene to aid teachers, and by advancing the academic body of research in speech-language pathology, the true purpose of my study and my fieldwork is clear,’’ Bauman said. “It is my sincere hope that this scholarship can help me make my stamp on the exciting and evolving field of speech-language pathology.’’

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Misericordia University speech-language pathology major Laura Bauman, left, of Dallas, Pa., poses for a picture with Cari Tellis, Ph.D., assistant professor of SLP, after receiving the 2009 Von Drach Memorial Scholarship from the Pennsylvania Speech-Language-Hearing Association.