Research by Dr. Halesey, 2009 graduate published by online journal

Dr. Halesey poses for a picture with 2009 graduate Toby Soward.

A Misericordia University medical imaging professor and recent program graduate had an in-depth research article published in the peer reviewed online journal, “Radiation Oncology Online Journal,’’ about prostate cancer.

Elaine Halesey, Ed.D., R.T.(R)(QM), professor and chair of the medical imaging department, of Hanover Township, and Toby Soward, B.S.R.T.(R), of Scranton, a member of the class of 2009, collaborated on the article, “Prostate Cancer: What Every Patient Should Know.’’ The manuscript contains statistics relative to prostate cancer as well as a review of the related literature. It also provides information on the different types of treatment options available for the disease. Most importantly, it may serve as a reference for current or future patients undergoing treatment for prostate cancer as it describes the process a patient may experience.

Prostate cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed malignancy in men, according to the research, and accounted for about 30,200 deaths in 2002. In 2006, the article states, 234,460 men were diagnosed with the disease and 27,350 died from it. Current data reveal about 186,000 men were diagnosed in 2008 and up to 28,600 deaths will occur.

The disease can be monitored through ultra sound, computed tomography, positron emission tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and magnetic resonance stereoscopic imaging. Treatments include prostatectomy, radiotherapy, cryosurgical ablation, hormone therapy and chemotherapy.

The probability of survival can be as high as 94 percent if it is diagnosed in its early stages, while the five-year survivability in later stages is only 31 percent, according to the collaborative report.

Misericordia University’s Bachelor of Science degree in medical imaging has students concentrate on the general X-ray department until their senior year when they are then cross trained to become multi-skilled in a radiological specialty area of their choice. Students learn specializations like CTs, MRIs or cardiac catheterization while also serving internships in regional health care facilities.

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Misericordia University graduate Toby Soward ’09, B.S.R.T.(R), of Scranton, left, and Elaine Halesey, Ed.D., R.T.(R)(QM), professor and chair of the medical imaging department at Misericordia University, collaborated on the research paper, ‘Prostate Cancer: What Every Patient Should Know,’ which was published by the peer reviewed online journal, ‘Radiation Oncology Online Journal.’