Students participate in Kony 2012 march on Washington, D.C.

Students pose for a picture in Washington, D.C.
A contingent of students and staff from Misericordia University participated in Kony 2012 Move DC, a march on Washington, D.C., orchestrated by the Invisible Children organization to raise support for efforts to bring to justice Joseph Kony, the leader of the Lords Resistance Army in Uganda. The rebel leader has been charged with human rights violations for crimes against children who were abducted and forced to serve in his army. The purpose of the march was to energize grassroots efforts and encourage the American government and other nations to continue to provide military support until Kony is captured.

More than 10,000 participants attended the event, which included a global summit of European Union officials and world leaders. The march began at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center and made stops in front of the White House and the Washington Monument, with rallies held at both locations.

“It felt incredible to be a part of history and to be able to witness the strength and the power people can have when they are determined to help others,” said Misericordia student organizer Sarah Munley, an elementary education major from Vernon, N.J. “Some people asked us why we were so concerned about this problem even though it was not taking place in America. It is simply about the children. Regardless of what country they were born in, they still need our aid because they are helpless and they can't fend for themselves. We are all humans and no one deserves to be treated that way.”

“I was very moved by the enthusiasm of the people involved,” added Jeffrey Passetti, assistant director of Campus Ministry at Misericordia, who accompanied the students. “We are a world away from what was going on, yet everyone was so passionate about the cause. I do believe it accomplished its goal in a peaceful, well organized fashion.”


The Misericordia students who took part in Move DC, stopped in front of the White House for a picture. They are, shown from left: Emily Kudlacik, Parsippany, N.J.; Lisa Witkoski, Quakertown, Pa.; Alexandra Graham, Madison, N.J.; Leila Comerford, Moscow, Pa.; Sean Vitale, West Pittston, Pa.; Kaleigh Reynolds, Forty Fort, Pa.; Sarah Munley, Vernon, N.J.; Arianna Scheetz, Englewood, Fla.; and Caroline Landen, Bridgewater, N.J.