Bachelor of Science in

Health Care Management

Program Director: Allen C. Minor, DBA


Health care is one of the largest and fastest growing employment categories in Northeastern Pennsylvania. With a population among the oldest in the country and the advancement in technology, job creation to fill the need for healthcare programs and services in Northeastern Pennsylvania will increase at a rapid pace in the foreseeable future.

The Health Care Management curriculum is designed to respond to the specific needs of health care organizations in today's dynamic environment. Management skills, leadership development, strategic planning, marketing, health care finance and law are examined, including a comprehensive understanding of financing, insurance and payment mechanisms.

Who is this program designed for?

  • Students interested in pursuing a career in physical therapy, and other professional services. Many students interested in the DPT (doctoral physical therapy) program, major in Health Care Management as their undergraduate degree.
  • Students interested in health care delivery as a professional or manager, health care practitioners who are employed, or have been trained in an allied health profession.
  • Those who desire a career in health care sales or marketing can take advantage of the HCM Marketing Specialization.
  • Individuals employed as: surgical technologists, dental hygienists, emergency medical technicians, radiology technicians, respiratory technologists, or in any business related profession are examples of individuals who would be good candidates for this program.


The Health Care Management Program has also been designed for the early or mid-career health care professional or those who have made a decision to pursue a career in this field either as a care giver or manager. A variety of specializations are available to provide a flexible course of study with coursework tied into your particular area of health care, with on the job relevance.

Offered through our Expressway Accelerated Degree Program, you can earn your Bachelor of Science in as little as 2 1/2 years by attending classes part-time. Expressway's convenient and predictable schedule allows you take classes either once a week or online, allowing you to earn up to 12 credits per semester. Courses are offered face-to-face in 5-week sessions at Luzerne County Community College on the Nanticoke Campus and at Lackawanna College, or online in 7 1/2 week sessions.

The Expressway program is the quickest route to a bachelor's degree. It is designed for highly motivated adults who want to earn their degree in a timely manner, have prior college credits, and have work or relevant life experience. Students have the ability to enroll eight different times during the year, not just in the fall and spring.

Click here to view complete information on the Expressway program.


The faculty is composed of senior management professionals employed locally in individual areas of expertise such as health care operations and management, finance and reimbursement, strategic planning, and sales/marketing.

Admission Requirements

The minimum criteria for admission into the Health Care Management program as a freshman student are:
  1. Class rank in the top half of the high school graduating class and/or a cumulative 2.5 grade point average
  2. Minimum combined SAT score of 850 for Critical Reading and Math (combined) if taken prior to March 5, 2016, or 930 if taken after March 5, 2016. In lieu of the SAT, ACT results may be presented with a minimum required composite score of 18

Successful transfer applicants will typically hold a minimum collegiate grade point average of 2.0, having completed at least 15 college credits, and have a proven record of success in high school.

Please note the above listed requirements are general, and that each application is looked at thoroughly, taking into account individual grades, academic rigor, and other factors.

Marketing Specialization

Health Care Management Major (Marketing Specialization)

The health care management degree with a marketing specialization explores both provider and consumer perspectives of health care marketing, market distribution channels, and the impact the Internet has had on both marketing and market distribution. The marketing specialization will prepare students for a marketing or sales career in health care by offering a strong base of business-related marketing courses, along with marketing specifically related to the health care industry. It will prepare students for careers in a broad range of health care institutions, both public and private. Hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are examples of those employing sales and marketing professionals.

Pre-DPT Plan of Study

Health Care Management Major: Pre-DPT Plan of Study

The Health Care Management major will provide the Pre-DPT student with a broad-based business and health industry background emphasizing the business side of health care and will prepare the student for a leadership role in healthcare. In addition to meeting the objectives of the Health Care Management major, this program will prepare the successful student for admission to the doctor of physical therapy (DPT) program.


Misericordia University has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE) located at 11374 Strang Line Road in Lenexa, Kansas, USA.

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