Transfer Students

Misericordia University has long realized that significant differences exist between the needs of transfer students and traditional freshmen. Transfer students have unique concerns regarding transfer of credits, entrance requirements, and opportunities for financial assistance.

More than 100 full-time transfer students, as well as a significant number of part-time transfer students, enroll annually at Misericordia. The University is successful in attracting transfer students because we make that transition as easy as possible. As a transfer student, you can expect a trained counselor who works exclusively with transfer students to answer your questions, informally evaluate your transcript and assist you in every phase of the enrollment process. Programs such as Transfer Information Evening and Transfer Orientation are specifically geared toward providing the type of information students need to make an informed decision.

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Transfer of Credit Policy

Misericordia University welcomes students who wish to transfer from other accredited four-year colleges or universities, or two-year junior or community colleges. Prospective full-time transfer students are encouraged to arrange an interview with the admissions office to review academic status and proposed curriculum.

Prospective transfer students will be considered for admission if they have maintained a cumulative GPA (grade point average) of 2.0 or better (based on a 4.0 system). Higher GPA is required for specific majors; Nursing, Medical Imaging, Occupational Therapy and Education. GPA requirements for advancement into the professional level of individual programs vary (see individual curriculum guides for each program). Candidates who meet the GPA requirements for general admission and who seek advanced standing for previous college work, regardless of delivery mode or teaching/learning format, must provide the director of admissions with the following:

1. Application for Admission

2. Official copy of secondary school transcript or GED test results

3. Official transcripts from each college/university previously attended

Transfer students must complete a minimum of 30 credits at Misericordia University. The university will accept no more than 61 credits from any single or combination of associate degree programs. Only courses with a grade of C- (1.7) or better will be accepted for transfer. Grades earned at other institutions are not included in the student's GPA at Misericordia University.

Application Deadlines

Non-Health Science Majors: Rolling admissions; No deadline.

Nursing: Completed applications for the Fall semester are due by March 16; Spring semester – October 19.

Occupational Therapy: Completed applications for the Fall semester are due by March 16; Spring semester – October 19.

Medical Imaging: Completed applications for the Fall semester are due by April 27.

Once all supplemental documents are received, the application is complete and ready for review. After a student is accepted, a Personalized Education Plan will be conducted that will inform the student which credits are transferable into their major.

Nursing Applicants

Successful transfer applicants will hold a minimum collegiate grade point average of 3.0, having completed at least 15 college credits. Transfer applications to the Nursing program are only accepted for the freshman, sophomore and junior level, based on space availability, and only reviewed for acceptance with the successful completion of appropriate prerequisite; students who receive a "C-" or below in the following prerequisites will be denied admission into the program.

BIO 211/LCCC BIO 135 - Anatomy & Physiology I

BIO 212/LCCC BIO 136 - Anatomy & Physiology II

BIO 227/LCCC BIO 251 - Microbiology

HP 241/LCCC HPE 263 - Fundamentals of Nutrition

PSY 275/LCCC PSY 217 - Child & Development Psychology (Developmental Psychology)

MTH 115/LCCC MAT107 - Statistics

Students who are applying for admission as a transfer student into the nursing major and who have either not taken the SAT examination or not achieved a minimum grade point average of 3.00 and a combined SAT score of 960 (math and critical reading) or 22 ACT composite score will be required to schedule and complete the NLN Nursing Entrance Examination (PAX-RN). A proficiency score of 118 or higher (80th percentile) on the NLN Nursing Entrance Examination is required in order to be considered for admission into the major. Students that have taken bacteriology and/or Anatomy & Physiology (I&II) will help the student prepare for the exam. Please note that the PAX-RN exam can only be taken once.

Misericordia University will be hosting the National League of Nursing's pre-admission exam (PAX-RN) for potential nursing students seeking admittance into nursing schools nationwide. The computer-based exam will be on March 14, 2015 at 8:30 a.m. in the Alden Computer Lab located in the Mary Kintz Bevevino Library.

The NLN PAX RN comprises three main areas: Verbal skills, which consists of both word knowledge and reading comprehension; Mathematics, which includes basic calculations, word problems, and incorporates algebra, geometry, conversions, graphs, and applied mathematics; and Science, which examines general biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science. The NLN PAX-PN includes the above content as well as a section on health and first aid.

Each section consists of all multiple-choice questions and includes experimental items for the purpose of future test development. Answers to these questions are not counted in the scoring.

Misericordia University requires students to achieve a proficiency score of 118 or higher to be considered for admissions in the nursing program.

To register for this exam: Go to the "registration store" located on the National League for Nursing website. Select "Pre-Admissions Exam (PAX)" and follow the directions.

Please be advised that there will be an Administration Fee of $10 due the morning of the exam. No student will be able to sit for the exam unless paid (Cash or Check only). Checks can be made out to Misericordia University.

Occupational Therapy Applicants

A limited number of applications for transfer to the weekday five-year entry-level BS/MS occupational therapy program may result in acceptance at the freshman and/or sophomore level, based on space availability, and favorably undergoing a competitive review process.

In order to apply for transfer, applicants will typically hold a minimum collegiate grade point average of 3.0, having completed at least 15 college credits. Potential transfer students with less than 30 college credits must also present: (a) minimum SAT score of 1000 in math and critical reading combined with a minimum SAT critical reading score of 480, or (b) an ACT composite of 23 which includes a minimum of 23 in the English subtest and a minimum of 23 in the reading subtest.

In addition to standard application requirements, transfer applicants for the weekday program need to also submit the following:

1. Two letters of reference

2. A 500-word typed statement of personal and professional goals

3. By the beginning of the first semester of enrollment, documentation of a full day (6-8 hours) of documented service in a health care setting with a licensed occupational therapist is required. Students may apply and be reviewed for admission without this documentation.

Applicants are encouraged to have completed some of the following classes:

PHY 117 – Physics Intro I

MTH 115 – Basic Statistics

PSY 290 – Psychopathology

BIO 211 – Anatomy & Physiology I

BIO 212 – Anatomy & Physiology II

Medical Imaging Applicants

Misericordia University accepts applications from transfer students for fall semester to begin in the Medical Imaging program at the clinical level. A completed application must be received by April 27, 2015. For an applicant to be considered for acceptance, the student must have achieved a "C-" or higher in Anatomy and Physiology I & II. Ideally, the applicant should apply for their fall semester of sophomore year. However, transfer students may apply for a spring entry and take liberal arts course with intentions of starting major classes in the fall.

Transfer students will be considered, providing they meet the minimal overall GPA requirements of 2.75, completed a minimum of 24 credits that apply towards the major, the entrance requirements are met, and space is available. However, they must follow the sequence of courses for the major as listed in the catalog beginning with the fall semester sophomore year. Depending upon the number of credits accepted for transfer, students may complete all graduation requirements for the medical imaging program by December of the senior year; however, if intending to complete the program in December, no more than 11 credits can be taken during the Fall semester, due to accreditation requirements.

Education Applicants

Students interested in transferring from another institution to the University to participate in its Teacher Education Program must also apply for admission. An official copy of the student's college/university transcripts demonstrating an earned GPA of 3.0 or better is required. Transfer students' transcripts will be evaluated on an individual basis in order to determine if courses are acceptable alternatives to the requirements. Prospective external transfer students must meet with and be approved by the TED's Transfer Coordinator before enrolling in courses sponsored by the department.

Students with Credentials from Foreign Institutions

Applicants with prior coursework from institutions outside of the United States will be required to provide a credential evaluation prepared by either the international credentialing service of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers (AACRAO), available at; or, a credentialing service that is a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES). A list of members can be found at

Academic Programs for Transfers


Financial aid is also an important part of the transfer process. More than 93% of Misericordia students receive financial aid. In addition to federal and state aid, the University considers all full-time transfer students for academic scholarship awards, with nearly 30% of full-time transfer students receiving academic scholarships annually. Students with a 3.0 cumulative grade point average are automatically given scholarship consideration.

Presidential Scholarship

To demonstrate its commitment to academic excellence, the University awards financial assistance to incoming transfers who have attained outstanding academic records. The annual scholarships are renewable until graduation, provided minimum grade point averages and satisfactory academic progress are maintained. The minimum averages required for retention of the award are outlined in the scholarship notification letter. Annual award amounts range from $4,000 to $11,000.

McAuley Award

Students with records of leadership, volunteerism and participation in extracurricular activities may qualify for annual awards ranging from $1,000 to $3,000. McAuley applications can be found at Applications for this award must be received no later than one month from the date of your acceptance letter.

Achievement Award

Academically gifted multicultural students and students from under represented populations in higher education are eligible for a $1,000 annual award.

Non Pennsylvania Resident Grant

Out of state students who reside on campus are eligible for the non-Pennsylvania resident grant. This annual $1,000 award is renewable provided on campus residency and satisfactory academic progress are maintained.

Institutional Award

Transfer students who have earned an Associate's Degree from Luzerne County Community College, Lackawanna College or Keystone College are eligible for a $1,000 annual award.

Phi Theta Kappa

Transfer students who provide proof of membership to Phi Theta Kappa are eligible for a $1,000 annual award.

Visit Campus

Schedule a visit to meet with an Admissions Representative about transferring into Misericordia University.

During your visit, you will be able to discuss your academic major, transfer process, campus tour, and transferable credits.

Getting in Touch

If you are interested in transferring or returning to school, check out Misericordia University. Our trained Admissions, Adult Education and Financial Aid staff are available to assist you. Contact Shane Pagnotti at (570) 674-6255, or
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