Center for Faculty Professional Development

The Center for Faculty Professional Development (CFPD) is an organization, facility, and community for supporting excellence in teaching across disciplines and across campus.

CFPD organizes workshops on topics ranging from teaching strategies to new academic technologies. Additionally, CFPD offers opportunities for faculty to attend webinars as a group and share ideas that grow out of these meetings. Please check our calendar for upcoming workshops, webinars, and roundtables.


CFPD Members

Committee for Faculty Professional Development Members

Fall 2016 Programs

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Showcase

October 17, 12:00 – 1:15 pm, Insalaco Hall 219

Have you wondered whether your teaching strategies are making a difference in student learning? SoTL is a growing field within higher education that brings research into the classroom to identify the empirically supported pedagogical strategies. Come learn how to “research your teaching” from our growing body of interdisciplinary faculty SoTL researchers.

Steve Tedford, Math Department: Mathematical Errors in the Computation of Final Grades and their Effect on Class Rank

Mike Orleski, Physics Department: SoTL in Physics & Astronomy

Kelly Filipkowski, Psychology Department: Comparing the Use of Kahoot! and Paper/Pencil Methods for Introductory Psychology Exam Reviews

Teaching with Technology Playroom Series

Starting this semester, the CFPD will offer a “playroom” style workshop that goes in depth about a few academic technologies relevant to faculty across disciplines. Please BYOD (bring your own device!) for hands-on learning and experimentation.

November 3, 5:00 – 7:00 pm, Room TBA

ArtStor and Shared Shelf Digital Technology Libraries

Maureen Cech, Library

Jennifer Black, History Department

Write on the Wall!: Projector Cam

Morgan Sadowski, Instructional Designer

Jeff Stephens, Physics Department

Gaming in the Classroom for Practice and Test Review

Morgan Sadowski, Instructional Designer

Grace Chen, Biology Department

Nikola Edwards, Chemistry Department

Teaching Students with Disabilities in Online Classes: Stereotypes, Strategies, and Supports

McGowan Room, Mary Kintz Bevevino Library

November 10, 2016, 5:30 to 7:30

Teaching Students with Disabilities: Stereotypes, Strategies, and Supports

Melissa Sgroi, Communications Department

Jessica Randall, Director of Student Success Center

Kristen Ricardo, Director of Office of Students with Disabilities

November 11, 2016, 12:00-1:15 pm

McGowan Room, Library

Students with disabilities face enormous obstacles in education and society because they are forced to achieve against society's dominant, and well-concealed, discriminatory attitudes about disability. Decades of research shows that the media construct these attitudes by constantly communicating a powerful ideology that amplifies the normality of the oppression of people with disabilities. We will examine common media narratives that inform society's attitudes - and our own - in an effort to approach instruction with greater insight.

An important partner in this process is the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) located in the Student Success Center (SSC). The professional staff evaluates documentation to determine eligibility and reasonable accommodations for registered students with qualified disabilities. Through ongoing training and professional engagement, we work to be experts on disability, in order to partner with students and faculty to ensure equal academic opportunities and access to participation on campus. Join us as we share more about the interactive registration process, the rights and responsibilities of students and faculty, and share ways that demonstrate hospitality in the classroom to all students. Open Q&A and small group discussions will create a conversational format as we explore these topics together. will create a conversational format as we explore these topics together.

Technology Training

Morgan Sadowski

Academic Technologies on Demand

For an individual or group training session on any of the following technologies, contact Morgan Sadowski, instructional Designer, at or x3331.

PowToons- Presentation software with animation

Storify- Create stories using social media. Find, collect & Share what people are saying in regards to a specific topic?

Artstor- 1.9 million images. Manage and share media collections of art

Timescape- map based interactive storytelling platform.

Camtashia- screen recording software

Jing- screen recording software

Handwriting input – graphics tablets and/or ipad/Samsung tablets

EduCannon / EdPuzzle – Adding questions to videos

MoocNote – add note taking feature to any video

Imgur – Photo sharing with long captions – “field reports” “scavenger hunts”

Socrative / Kahoot/ Poll Everywhere – Mobile device / Internet clicker quizzes / surveys

GeoGebra / Desmos – Exciting way of showing and sharing mathematical problem solving

Google Forms, Docs, Sheets, Slides

Evernote- Cloud-based note-taking app.

Twiddla- Open source white board.

Audacity- Record audio, great for creating Podcast.

Explain Everything

Prezi- Presentation Software

eMaze- Presentation Software

Panopto- Video platform

Animoto: Turns photos into videos with music and texts

Inkling- interactive textbooks, allows user to download 1 chapter or the whole book

MyPocketProf: sync course notes, collaborate ideas, etc.

  • Swivl- Recording device

Teaching and Learning Communities

External Resources on Teaching and Learning


International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning - This journal is devoted to Scholarship on Teaching and Learning across disciplines.


Upcoming Conferences on Teaching and Learning - CFPD at Kennesaw State University maintains a list of upcoming conferences.


Click Here for a PDF link of SoTL Journals Across Disciplines


Click here to see the SoTL Database Resources

International Journal of Web-Based Learning and Teaching Technologies

Journal of College Science Teaching
Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching
Journal of Teaching in International Business
Journal of Research in Science Teaching
Journal of Teaching Writing
Pedagogy: Critical Approaches to Teaching Literature, Language, Culture, and Composition
Teaching Anthropology
Teaching Children Mathematics
Teaching History
Teaching Mathematics and its Applications
Teaching Music
Teaching Philosophy
Teaching of Psychology
Teaching Sociology
Teaching Statistics
Teaching Theology and Religion
Academic Commons
Academic Exchange
Active Learning in Higher Education
Assessment Update
Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning
College Teaching Creative College Teaching Journal
Higher Education Research and Development
Innovative Higher Education Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem
International Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
International Journal Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
Inventio: Creative Thinking About Teaching and Learning
Journal for the Art of Teaching Journal of Cognitive and Effective Learning
Journal of Effective Teaching Journal of Faculty Development
Journal of Graduate and Professional Student Development
Journal of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Journal of Student Center Learning
Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice
Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Journal on Excellence in College Teaching Learning and Teaching in the Social Sciences
Learning and Instruction
Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
Learning Inquiry
Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning
National Teaching and Learning Forum
Reaching Through Teaching
Teaching in Higher Education
Teaching Professor
What Works in Teaching and Learning

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Mentoring Workshops for New Faculty

12:00-1:15 pm, Mercy Hall 342

First-year and new faculty members are invited to attend the mentoring sessions listed below:

Sept 9: Student Services: CAPS center, Insalaco Center for Career Development, Student Success Center, Student Affairs

Oct 21: Advising majors in the College of Health Sciences and Education

Nov 18: Title IX Training; Research & Grants (IRB, internal & external grant opportunities)

Dec 2: Reappointment & the E-Achievement Database

Please RSVP to Jennifer Black at at least one week in advance.

Summer Institute 2016

Click Here for the Summer Institute 2016 Flyer

Dr. Aaron Sams

The CFPD/FDC Summer Institute on Teaching for Different Learning Styles will take place May 24-26 from 9:30-2:30 in Insalaco Hall 218. We are excited to have Dr. Aaron Sams, co-creator of the "flipped classroom," join us for a full-day workshop on May 26.

Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day: The Flipped Classroom
Dr. Aaron Sams
Implementing the Flipped Class model provides teachers with more face-to-face time with students, allows for true differentiation, compels students to take responsibility for their own learning, and enables students to master rigorous course concepts. Join Flipped Classroom pioneer Aaron Sams as he walks through his transformation from lecturer to flipped class practitioner. He will demonstrate how a Flipped Class can transform today's educational climate and increase student learning outcomes.

Aaron Sams has been an educator since 2000. He operates the education consulting firm Sams Learning Designs, is an Adjunct Professor at Saint Vincent College, and serves as an advisor to TED-Ed. In 2009 he was awarded the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching while teaching Chemistry in Woodland Park, CO and serving as co-chair of the Colorado State Science Standards Revision Committee. Aaron has co-authored seven books on the Flipped Classroom concept. Aaron is an internationally recognized education keynote speaker and has trained thousands of teachers, administrators, and professors to integrate new technology with sound pedagogy. With experience in public, private, and home schools, in both face-to-face, online, and blended learning environments, Aaron brings a unique educational perspective to any audience. He is a lifelong learner, reader, maker, and explorer. He holds both a B.S. in Biochemistry and an M.A.Ed. from Biola University.

Click here to read about the workshop hosted by the Center of Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

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