Public and Media Relations

The Marketing Communications Department is the primary source for publicity and media relations to promote University-based events and accomplishments.

Marketing Communications' public relations staff will proactively seek information and prepare the appropriate publicity materials for many high profile events, including commencement, convocation, the opening of new buildings, etc.
That said, the University is a dynamic place that hosts hundreds of “newsworthy" events per year. Departments and individuals responsible for coordinating or planning such events should notify Marketing Communications at the earliest possible time that their event or project has been planned. Failure to do so could result in less effective publicity regarding your event or no publicity at all. Typically it takes five to seven weeks from initial notification to conduct an effective effort. Departments should also update Marketing's public relations team on the status of the project following initial notification and include as much detail as possible.
Follow these guidelines for submission of materials:
Effective promotion of a University event or newsworthy announcement generally requires a minimum of seven weeks preparation prior to every event. Please allow a minimum of two weeks from the time you submit information to us for drafting and review of the publicity materials. Then, those materials are disseminated two to four weeks prior to the event. Public relations can not guarantee effective distribution of materials without proper notice. Also please allow additional time (one week) in the planning phase if photography is required as part of the pre-event publicity activities. (See photo guidelines)
Content of Request
The classic guidelines of “Who, What, When, Where, How and Why?" apply to any submission of material to Marketing's public relations staff. For example: Who is speaking at the event? Who is coordinating the event? Who is the contact(s)? What is the topic? When and where will the event be held? For whom is it relevant? Why are we doing this?
Please also submit any supporting information, photographs or images at the time of your publicity request. If thorough documentation and background material is not provided at the time of request, it may delay the processing of the publicity material.
Of course, content may vary from event to event. Feel free to contact Paul Krzywicki, assistant director, at 570-674-6372 pkrzywic@misericordia.eduor Marianne Puhalla at 570-674-6286 for advice on publicity as an event is being planned.
Media Placement
It is important to note that although many Misericordia University events are generally considered newsworthy, each media outlet ultimately decides whether or not they will print our materials or cover an event or issue on campus. Public relations staff has no control over the ultimate placement and use of University material in the “free" media.
"Pitching" Stories
In addition to issuing media releases on noteworthy events, Marketing's public relations staff also maintains regular, personal contact with the news media and individual reporters. Interesting stories are routinely “pitched" to reporters in the hope that they will find an issue or topic that is appealing to them. Individual staff and faculty are encouraged to provide detailed information about story ideas to public relations staff. Public Relations is the exclusive source for all official story ideas and coordination; however, this does not preclude individual staff members from maintaining relationships with the media. These can ultimately be helpful in getting stories placed. It is required that these conversations be immediately documented via email or memo to ensure careful coordination.
Should there be any questions, please contact Paul Krzywicki to discuss the project in more detail.
Responding to Inquiries from the Media
Misericordia University receives direct questions from members of the news media about a variety of issues. It is required that all contacts between members of the news media and University employees be reported to or coordinated by the public relations staff. This will help ensure consistency of message in all situations. Should you be contacted by a reporter by any means with a question that concerns University business or your role at the University, you should contact Marketing's public relations staff as soon as possible.
Should there be any questions, please contact Paul Krzywicki or Marianne Puhalla to discuss interactions with the news media.
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