Religious Studies

The Religious Studies Program, which includes a minor course of study, is designed to engage students in the academic exploration of the nature and expression of religious experience from a variety of perspectives and contexts. Course selection includes the study of world religions, biblical criticism, spirituality, the study of the Catholic tradition in its historical, doctrinal and ecclesial contexts and inquiry into human experience as a resource for theological insight and development. Religious Studies Minor Division of Humanities

The Religious Studies minor presents students with a cohesive and flexible program of study designed to:

  1. increase students' understanding and appreciation of the varieties of religious experience and expression;
  2. address current theological issues; and
  3. correlate the students' pursuit of theological inquiry with the development of faith, religious belief, and moral responsibility.

Course Sequence

RLS 100 Biblical Studies
RLS 104 World Religions
RLS 114 Introduction to Christian Thought
RLS 106 Theology and Human Experience or
RLS 224 Experience in Christian Ministry
RLS 115 Religion in America or
RLS 116 American Catholicism
RLS Other Core Selection or RLS Elective

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