Cougars' Den is a sub shop inside Banks.The college cafeteria fills the center of the building. It was recently renovated in the summer of 2006 and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It truly has something for every taste. Several hot entrees, a line for burgers and fries, a full salad and sandwich bar, as well as special stations that offer pasta, tacos, and stir-fry, among other things. Ice cream and other snacks and desserts are available too. The food service people are terrific and will work with students who have vegetarian and other dietary needs. In addition to the "caf", Banks also has the Cougar's Den. It doesn't do justice to just call it a snack bar, since the menu features pizza, sandwiches, subs, great daily specials and just about anything else you might want. The Den is always a busy meeting place, where you often find musicians, comedians and other performers. The Student Activities Office arranges all the acts.

Meeting by the WCMR radio stationSpeaking of Student Activities, that office is also housed in Banks. Folks are trying to convince me to become active in SOAR, which is a club dedicated to outdoor activities such as rappelling, rock climbing and rafting. Like the majority of our clubs, SOAR is based in Banks. It sounds like fun. Also found in the student center are the Dean of Students offices, the campus post office, radio station WCMR, the office of the student newspaper, The Highlander, and the Student Government office. The Campus Ministry suite is located in Banks as well. Campus Ministry is one of the most popular organizations on campus, guiding and supporting the college's religious worship activities, conducting personal growth programs, and participating in a wide array of service projects including spring break trips on behalf of Habitat for Humanity, visits to nursing homes, work with underprivileged children and involvement with the local St. Vincent DePaul Kitchen for needy individuals.

The MU Bookstore is convenient. In addition to purchasing books and supplies, you can grab a snack or soda and buy a lot of clothes and other Misericordia items for the gang back home. You can even shop online at

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