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Mercy Thrives @MU

Strategic Plan 2022-2027

Misericordia University seeks a fuller expression of its fundamental mission through the execution of a five-year strategic plan, Mercy Thrives @MU. After a thorough development processes occurring over the past two academic years, with the assistance of Credo higher education consultants, the university community and leadership have developed a plan focused on three thematic domains, with an overarching aim to increase enrollment at Misericordia University, supporting by an ever-improving student experience.  For each of the three themes, we have identified four primary objectives paired with high-level metrics for each which will form the core of an annual assessment of progress on the plan. 

The map of the plan, below and in the downloadable PDF (coming soon), provides the themes and objectives that structure the plan.  The plan was affirmed by the Board of Trustees at their June 2022 meeting.

Themes of the Strategic Plan