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The College of Arts and Sciences offers bachelor's degree programs to a wide variety of students. Other academic programs in the College provide opportunities for students to minor in a range of disciplines.

Whether their programs are in the Humanities, the Natural Sciences, or the Social or Behavioral Sciences, students do more than simply accumulate facts or receive training in techniques. Every program is designed to help students integrate their growing knowledge and gain the basis for growth in intellectual and professional integrity.

The smaller size of upper-level courses and the rapport between students and an excellent faculty enhance this educational setting, as does the mission of the university, with its emphasis on mercy, service, justice, and hospitality.

The academic experience in Arts and Sciences programs is vital and powerful. I hope you will explore our departments' Web pages and visit our lectures and events page to come to know us better. We welcome you!

Best regards,

Manning Headshot

Heidi L.K. Manning, Ph.D.
Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
Phone: 674-1484

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Henry Science Center


Misericordia University's Frank M. and Dorothea Henry Science Center embodies a commitment to advanced technology and infrastructure that lends itself to superior teaching, learning, and research.

Visit this link to learn more about the Henry Science Center including live streams of construction progress, photo galleries, and highlight video.


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