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University Catalog and Archived Editions

The HTML version of the Misericordia University catalog supersedes any printed catalog or PDF version as the official catalog of Misericordia University. Misericordia reserves the right to make changes in the regulations and offerings announced in the printed/PDF version of the catalog, and in this official online version, as circumstances require. It is expected that the only changes will be the correction of errors and the inclusion of new courses and programs approved during the academic year.

For the most recent version of the university catalog, please visit https://catalog.misericordia.edu/

Misericordia University Arch


Archived Catalogs

Catalogs 2017-2018 and newer are available on https://catalog.misericordia.edu/
All catalogs prior to 2010 are in PDF format only

2016-2017 PDF Format HTML Format
2015-2016  PDF Format HTML Format
2014-2015 PDF Format HTML Format
January 2014 Edition PDF Format HTML Format
2013-2014 PDF Format  
Spring 2013 Update   HTML Format
2012-2013 PDF Format HTML Format
Correlations to 2011-2012 Catalog PDF Format  
2011-2012 PDF Format HTML Format
2010-2011 PDF Format HTML Format
Addendum for Spring 2010 PDF Format  
2009-2010 PDF Format  
2008-2009 PDF Format  
2007-2008 PDF Format  
2006-2007 PDF Format  
2005-2006 PDF Format  
2004-2005 PDF Format  

Catalogs prior to 2004 are available digitally from the Misericordia University Archives