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Off-Campus Course Policy

Misericordia students have three options for taking courses offered at other postsecondary institutions, both domestically and outside of the United States:

  1. Consortium with Wilkes University and King's College
    Students at Misericordia University may register for courses at King's College and/or Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, if those courses are not part of Misericordia's course offerings in the semester in which the course is requested. Full-time students in good academic standing who meet specific course prerequisites are eligible. With the exception of students participating in required courses for the Army ROTC program at King's College, cross registration is available only to juniors and seniors who have received permission from their major department to participate in the program in order to complete degree requirements. Cross-registered courses are considered part of a student's regular course load; courses carry full academic credit and grade value. Upon completion of the coursework, King's or Wilkes will notify Misericordia of the completed grade, which will be recorded on the Misericordia transcript - no transcript record will exist at King's or Wilkes for coursework completed as part of the consortium program. Please refer to the section of the catalog on Consortium Programs for more specific information on the process for requesting registration for courses through King's or Wilkes.
  2. Study Away through approved affiliated institutions
    Misericordia University works with program providers for semester-long study abroad opportunities. Courses completed through approved, affiliated programs are considered part of a student's regular course load; courses carry full academic credit and grade value. Upon completion of the coursework, the affiliated institution will notify Misericordia of the completed courses and grades, which will be recorded on the Misericordia transcript. Students must consult with their academic advisor regarding courses and number of credits to be taken during the study away term. Students who wish to use courses taken away to satisfy specific degree requirements at Misericordia University, whether in the core, major, or program, must secure the approval in advance of the chair of the department (and program director if applicable) that would offer the equivalent course at Misericordia. Students who wish to take courses in an academic area that is not offered at Misericordia must have the courses approved by the registrar, who will verify that the student may apply the credit as free electives to meet degree requirements. Please refer to the section of the catalog on Study Away Programs for more specific information on the process of applying for study away programs and receiving approval to take specific coursework.
  3. Transfer credit through courses taken at other postsecondary institutions
    During the summer, or in a fall or spring semester when a bachelor's degree seeking student is not currently enrolled in coursework at Misericordia, students may opt to take courses at other regionally accredited, postsecondary institutions, or an approved equivalent institution outside the United States. Students may receive approval to transfer in a maximum of three (3) 3-4 credit courses (no more than two (2) of which may be 3-4 credit core classes) for a total of no more than 12 credits. A student who has completed sixty (60) credits of academic work, whether on campus or in transfer, may only apply to take any transfer credits at a regionally accredited bachelor's degree granting institution (or an approved equivalent institution, if taking credits through a nonaffiliated study away program).Students who have completed less than 60 credits may apply to take any transfer credits at any regionally accredited associate's degree granting institution, so long as the total number of credits earned at the time of course completion does not exceed sixty (60) credits. (For example, if a student has earned 57 credits, is taking a course at Misericordia in the first summer term, and also wished to take a course elsewhere during the summer term, the course would have to be taken at a bachelor's level institution, as the student would have completed 60 credits at Misericordia prior to the awarding of the credit for the course taken elsewhere). All courses taken for transfer credit must be evaluated and approved as to their equivalency to Misericordia University courses. This determination will be made in consultation between the department chair in the discipline which sponsors the course at Misericordia University and the registrar. Grades of C- or better may be accepted for transfer in accordance with individual program requirements and/or restrictions. Transfer credits must come from an accredited degree-granting institution or equivalent as determined by the registrar in consultation with the department chair. Transfer course requests for currently enrolled students must be submitted to the registrar, and must be accompanied by a course or catalog description of the course the student intends to complete. Department chairs may request additional information if deemed necessary. If a course is not approved in advance of taking the course, it will not be accepted in transfer.
    (Approved 12/12/2014)