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Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

The Misericordia University Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program (SURF) is sponsored by the Vice President of Academic Affairs Office. It will provide 14-15 undergraduate students with funding to participate in a 10 week one-on-one faculty guided summer research training program in residency on the Misericordia campus. (5/26/19 – 8/4/19) Research fellows receive one-on-one, faculty guided research training and participate in bi-weekly professional development seminars geared toward better preparing them for graduate school, future research experiences, and employment. The summer program culminates with two mandatory presentations of the students’ findings: a 15 minute oral presentation in the last week of the program and a poster presentation in October for the entire campus community.

Summer Research Fellows are expected to work full time in residence (27-35 hours per week) for the entire 10 weeks of the program. Students may not work additional jobs on campus while participating in the SURF program, except if that work is brief and directly related to the student’s research topic. For example: 5 day OT Kids with Autism camp as data collection for research project. Students may with the permission of their research mentor and the SURF Steering Committee work off campus for limited hours that do not interrupt their full-time commitment to the research program. Failure to abide by this policy will result in a one year suspension from SURF participation for the student and mentor. Students are expected to spend approximately 2 hours every other week in professional development workshops. Non-attendance must be reported to the student research mentor and the AVPAA.

Student/Faculty Mentor teams will be selected together by the SURF Steering Committee according to the following process and criteria:

  • Student criteria for eligibility:
    • Minimum 15 credits earned at the time of application
    • Suggested Minimum 3.0 GPA overall.Students with GPA’s below 3.0 and their advisors must address in their application materials why the student is a good candidate for an undergraduate research experience despite a low GPA.
    • Priority will be given to first-time participants
  • Applications must be submitted by the faculty mentor, and should include:
    • Cover sheet / application form
    • Students:
    • Please write a 1p (no more than 300 words) letter of interest that describes your desire to participate in the project, your expected outcomes / benefits of participating, and the skills / experiences that have prepared you for this undertaking.Address your GPA if necessary.
    • On a separate sheet, please list any funding you have received (including pending applications) for research (indicate project titles, dates, amount awarded / requested, and brief description of no more than 50 words for each)
    • IRB approval for research involving human subjects must be provided with the application or no later than the first day of the program for students to participate in SURF. All IRB submissions must have CITI training certificates accompanying the application. For information on IRB submissions and CITI training, please go to 
  • Faculty:
    • Please submit materials budget (if necessary)
    • Please submit a project abstract (no more than 1page) that succinctly outlines the research to be conducted, the goals for the summer, whether the project is ongoing or new, the responsibilities to be carried out by the mentee, and any potential scholarly contributions the work will make to the field / discipline.Please address the student’s GPA if necessary. (which may include the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning [SoTL])
    • Faculty must also disclose any concurrent funding supporting the research project proposed to SURF (including any funding applications pending review, internally or externally)
  • Applications will be judged on the:
    • Quality of the research plan
    • Potential for student learning & development
    • Potential contributions to the discipline / field (which may include SoTL)
  • Application process:
    • February 25, 2019: initial applications due
    • March 15, 2019: Faculty mentors and students will receive notification of acceptance to the program
    • March 22, 2019: Faculty mentors and students must formally commit to the SURF 2019 program.