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Addictions Counseling

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The addictions counseling program is designed to prepare graduates to work with the myriad of problems associated with chemical addictions. Substance abuse and addictions are among America’s most devastating and pervasive social ills.

Individuals of all ages and socioeconomic statuses are susceptible to addiction, and its impact can extend to employers, families, and friends as well as the interrelationships of our most basic societal institutions. The effects of addiction are also visible within many other social problems including crime, delinquency, and family violence.

The Addictions Counseling program requires completion of a total of 16 credits in addictions coursework.


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Program Options

  • Addictions Counseling Minor
  • Addictions Counseling Certificate

Addictions Counseling Minor

  • Designed for students seeking a degree in Social Work, Psychology, Applied Behavioral Sciences or other professions who might be interested in completing the Addictions Counseling courses and working toward a minor in Addictions Counseling.
  • Provides an in-depth look at human behavior in the midst of many types of addiction, some chemical, some emotional, but all relating to wellness and health.
  • Upon completion of the minor, students will be awarded a certificate of completion.

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Addictions Counseling Certificate

  • All courses are CADC-approved for 25 hours of required instruction in specified areas. In addition, courses may be applied toward fulfillment of instructional requirements for the initial CADC certification.
  • A completed bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement for admission into the program.
  • Also designed for certified addictions counselors who are seeking re-certification.

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Completion of this certificate program does not equate to certification.

Please refer to the following links for additional information regarding PA certification:

If you are not a Pennsylvania resident, please refer to your state's certification guidelines.

Please note: As of January 1, 1997, anyone applying for counseling or prevention certification in Pennsylvania must have, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree.


For more information, please contact the Office of Admissions at 570-674-6791 or