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There are 25 collegiate athletic teams that compete in the NCAA D3 Middle Atlantic Conference (MAC) with a history of success.

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All academic programs are included within one of three colleges: The College of Arts and Sciences, The College of Health Sciences & Education, and The College of Business.

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Jose Gonzalez

Jose Gonzalez
Accounting Student

Misericordia University has given me much more than just an education; this school has given me opportunities to grow personally and professionally that I would have not been able to achieve without the help from the faculty at this university.

Gardyney Deshommes

Gardyney Deshommes
GLNS Student

The faculty and staff at Misericordia University have welcomed me with open arms and continue to help me cultivate my identity into one of confidence, compassion, and intelligence.

Juliana Cofrancesco

Juliana Cofrancesco
English/Sec. Ed. Student

My experiences at Misericordia have been like no other. I have been given many opportunities that friends at other schools have missed. I am so blessed to be a part of a program that propels me towards success; that propels me to be an amazing future teacher.

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MU Ranking 17th Best Regional
MU Ranking 18th of Top 25 Online
MU Ranking Top 10 Graduation Rate

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Inspiration comes in many forms; and at Misericordia, it couldn't be more true. Whether it is our beautiful campus, our talented faculty, our engaging activities and experiential learning opportunities, or our multi-faceted academic programs, you will find a variety of ways to bring out your best. 

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Christopher Larson

Christopher Larson '19

B.S. Mathematics and Statistics
Chris Larson poster presentation


Christopher Larson '19
B.S. Mathematics & Statistics

The Math/Stats double major is very marketable for future professionals.  Most employers are looking for strong mathematical and analytical skills, which this path will provide you.  It makes you a more marketable professional entering the workforce.

This program sets you up for success in graduate school.  Having the background in both Math and Stats sets me apart from the rest of the students in my class.  Instead of seeing information for the first time, you can build and reinforce prior knowledge making graduate level success that much more achievable.  

Gardyney Deshommes

Gardyney Deshommes

Senior, Government, Law, and National Security

Current Student

Gardyney Deshommes
Senior Government, Law and National Security Student

The Government, Law, and National Security program at Misericordia University has not only equipped me with the necessary skills and experiences to thrive in different spaces, but helped shape my thoughts in the areas of national security, global policy and the complexities of the American legal system.

GNLS helped foster in me the desire to become well-versed in a multitude of different arenas such as community engagement, service and professional development. It connected me to my true self, as it awakened my intellectual curiosity and my passion to serve. 

The faculty and staff at Misericordia University have welcomed me with open arms and continue to help me cultivate my identity into one of confidence, compassion, and intelligence. 

Sarah Bifano

Sarah Bifano

Senior, Medical Imaging
Sarah Bifano

Current Student

Sarah Bifano
Medical Imaging Student

Classroom learning combined with seven semesters of real-world experience has prepared me to excel as a future imaging professional. This unique program has provided personal growth in leadership, critical thinking, communication, and confidence that I will take along with me for the rest of my life.

In addition to hands-on clinical experience, students have the opportunity to experience an internship in an advanced imaging modality. This opportunity affords the students with the option to take both the registry exam as well as the exam in their advanced modality. The quality and amount of preparation built into this program gives students a rare opportunity to become their best selves.

The Medical Imaging Program at Misericordia University has given me countless opportunities and I am forever grateful.

Logan Zeitler

Logan Zietler, MS, OTR/L

M.S. Occupational Therapy
Logan Zeitler


Logan Zietler, MS, OTR/L

My time in the Misericordia University OT program was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. The program truly set out a path for success for me, both professionally and personally. The level of professionalism and preparedness to enter the field of OT that this school fostered in me is second to none.

Being accepted into the Misericordia University OT program was one of the most pivotal events in my life and I strongly encourage others to find their place, and success, within this program.