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25% off for Spring 2022 part-time and $5,000 off in Spring 2022 for transfers

Special Incentives for Full-Time Transfer and Part-Time Students

As financial assistance to families who might have been struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are providing this one-time discount for Spring 2022 to new and former students not currently enrolled in Fall 2021.

Part-Time Graduate & Undergraduate Students 

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All new part-time and undergraduate students enrolling in January 2022 will receive a 25% discount on our tuition rates for the semester


Check out our Part-Time graduate programs

Check out our part-time undergraduate programs

Transfer Students

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Any new full-time transfer student an additional $5,000 scholarship for their first semester.  Students who are not technically transferring but just starting their first semester in January would also be eligible for the scholarship.

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Reach out to our Admissions Office to take advantage of these opportunities!


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