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Accelerate your preparation for college learning by taking classes at Misericordia University

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Misericordia’s Young Scholars Program provides high school students the opportunity to experience college while gaining useful credits to apply toward the fulfillment of course requirements at the college level. Such first-hand experience through the Young Scholars program is the perfect transition into the next chapter of your education and life.

In addition to being offered at a significantly lower cost, these introductory courses will help you acclimate to college level work, provide you with advanced standing that may mean lighter course-loads in the future, and encourage you to develop transferable skills for the future. You will be able to engage with peers and professors at the collegiate level, building confidence as well as an awareness of the expectations you will encounter as a matriculated college student. Moreover, Young Scholars at Misericordia receive the same service and support as its traditional student population. Misericordia faculty provide individualized attention in a small classroom setting to ensure the success of each student.


  • Discounted tuition - $100 per course (excluding textbooks)
  • Access to a diverse selection of courses
  • Dedicated student service representative to answer your questions and provide direction
  • Attractive campus nestled in the Back Mountain
  • Transferable college credits and valuable experience with advanced coursework
  • Experienced faculty who provide individualized attention
  • Access to University facilities such as the Anderson Sports and Health Center, Mary Kintz Bevevino Library, and the Students Success Center
  • College student discounts to local establishments


Misericordia welcomes both high school juniors and seniors from participating school districts to join the Young Scholars program with approval from their guidance counselor. Participating high school students are able to take one three-credit course per semester. Interested students should work with their guidance counselor to complete the two-stage enrollment process.

Young Scholars Contact

Any students, families or guidance counselors with questions about the Young Scholars program are welcome to contact Paul Nardone, Director, Center for Adult and Continuing Education. Contact: / 570-674-8130.