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Join us on Sunday, October 8th at 10:00 am for an exclusive Alumni event for TED Alumni and Pre-Service Teachers!

The Educator’s Dilemma:
As dedicated educators, we often find ourselves collecting and holding onto a myriad of resources, hopeful they will be useful in the classroom. However, all to often, these potential gems are relegated to dusty storage areas where they cannot influence the future.

The “Pass It On” solution:  
Misericordia’s unique initiative aims to reinvigorate those resources, ensuring they serve their true purpose: to enrich educational experiences and touch lives.

🎁 Give & Receive:
Are you a TED Alumni or a Pre-Service teacher? This is your golden opportunity. Bring along those valuable items you no longer use and exchange them with peers. Let’s breathe new life into these tools and ensure they find a classroom where they truly belong.

🀝 Network and Connect:
Homecoming isn’t just about memories; it’s about making a difference. This gathering offers a dual advantage: networking with fellow educators and ensuring your classroom resources find a purposeful home.

Let’s unite and empower the next generation of educators, one resource at a time.

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*Any questions about the event or your registration, please contact Ms. Donato at or Dr. Duffy