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Dr. Cosima Wiese

Biology, the scientific study of living organisms, occurs at multiple levels spanning from the ecosystem down to the molecular level. The biology curriculum at Misericordia University is designed to provide a diverse and solid background in various areas of the biological sciences. Students can major in biology or clinical laboratory science. The biology department consists of faculty whose fields of specialization include marine biology, plant pathology, entomology, physiology, animal behavior, and molecular and cellular biology.


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Broad-Based Curriculum

Small Class Sizes

Dr. Grace Chen

What Makes Us Different?

  • We help students on an individual basis
    • Provide a nurturing environment
    • Students have an individual advisor/mentor
    • Work closely with student and other support services
  • Our campus is safe and well equipped 
  • Our faculty and staff are friendly and helpful 
  • We provide our students with opportunities to apply what they learn in the field and greater community


Unique Features

  • Broad-based curriculum allows entry into a greater variety of professional careers

  • Curriculum promotes experiential learning (hands on investigative research experience from freshman year)

  • Highly qualified faculty (Ph.D.) trained in various areas of biology (from genes to ecology) 

  • Small class sizes 

  • Summer undergraduate research fellowship experiences 

  • Opportunities to present research at regional and national conferences

Frank M. and Dorothea Henry Science Center

Check out this video tour featuring our new innovative Henry Science Center and begin to see the many hands-on opportunities available to students in the Biology major

Dr. Anthony Serino


Students majoring in biology have the opportunity to participate in research through ongoing projects initiated by faculty, where three to four students are paired with and supervised by an individual faculty member. Students are invited annually to present their work at venues outside of the University, exposing their research to a more broad scientific community outside of the northeastern Pennsylvania region.

The curriculum includes cognate courses in Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. In addition, hands-on investigative research is integrated into the curriculum to provide students with more opportunities to conduct research projects and enhance their learning experiences. This curricular approach, in conjunction with the supporting courses required by the curriculum, provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare for a diverse array of career paths.

Elective Tracks

Students are required to take five electives with at least one elective from each of the elective tracks and any two additional electives.

  • Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Organismal Biology
  • Ecology and Evolution

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Program Goals

The biology program at Misericordia University emphasizes a broad foundational knowledge in the biological sciences and provides students with diverse upper level courses.

The program goals for the biology major are:

  1. To provide a quality education in the biological sciences.
  2. To stimulate a student’s innate curiosity for lifelong learning.
  3. To develop an understanding of the scientific process and its application.
  4. To provide the tools and promote knowledge for future opportunities and endeavors, and to develop involved members of the community.
Barbara McCraith


Careers in Biology

More than 70% of our students who graduate from the biology program at Misericordia University pursue graduate careers in diverse fields of research from ecology to biomedical sciences and professional studies such as medicine, veterinary medicine, optometry, podiatry and dentistry.

Student Testimonials

Community Realized

Trinity Sprague '18

Trinity Sprague '18

My experiences as a Misericordia Biology major has no doubt shaped who I am today and as well as my future goals. The faculty has been very supportive; after being asked to conduct research with Dr. DiPino at the end of my freshman year, I was able to discover how much I loved molecular biology. 

Andrea Nale '17

Andrea Nale '17

Starting with bio I and chem I, the professors were excellent. They love what they are doing. They love where they are, and they love their students. Misericordia’s convenient location also allowed me to volunteer at two local hospitals and shadow generous physicians in my spare time.

Student Clubs

Biology Majors have the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities, which include the following student clubs:

  • American Medical Student Association (AMSA) Chapter
  • Biology Club
  • Tri-Beta Honor Society
Tri Beta Honor Society 2024

Tri-Beta Biology Honor Society Induction Ceremony - April 19, 2024


Meet Dr. Wiese and Lindsey, Biology Student