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ALL Program Transition Services

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The ALL Program Transition Services

Providing transition services to students aged 14-21 through instructional group and individual services in the public schools. 

Transition services and activities are an essential element in young people making the transition to adulthood and for workplace readiness.

The ALL Program has been approved by the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation to provide transition services to students and young adults from ages 14 thru 21 with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or have eligibility for Section 504.

The ALL Program is currently providing services in the schools using curricula developed by the ALL Program to provide instructional groups focused on Self-Advocacy, Independent Living Skills, Workplace Readiness Training and Job Exploration. Primary transition activities take place in the school setting under the mandates of the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), which include instruction, related services, the development of employment and other post high school adult living objectives, and a functional vocational evaluation. The ALL Program is also approved by the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation to provide individual transition services of Job Shadowing and Paid Work Experiences. The ALL Program will provide individual services to students who are identified by the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation as needing one or more of these services.

It should be noted that while these services are valuable to all young people with special needs, the ALL Program offers services that are designed to supplement the Transition Program that exists in the student's IEP.