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Lending Library

Utilize this Autism Center Lending Library if you are a parent to a child with Autism looking to try different therapeutic items.

The Autism Center at Misericordia University Lending Library Contract must be filled out and submitted prior to checking out any items from the library. Quantities are limited. Items are available on a first come, first served basis. Maximum checkout is 4 items at a time.

Access the Category of Special Needs Toys to Learn What is Available Before Completing the Form Below

Lending Library Request


Contract & Request Form for the Educators Resource & Lending Library at the Autism Center at Misericordia University
I understand that the Lending Library location is at the Autism Center at Misericordia University at 50 Lake Street, Dallas, PA 18612. Phone number is 570-674-8200. Email is required
Please Select the category of items you wish to take out. You'll select the specific items for that category in the next question. (Select all that apply). A maximum of 4 items are permitted to borrowed at any one time.required
Auditory Items
Adaptive Tools
Body Awareness
Body Movement
Motor Planning
Each of the following must be agreed upon to continue. Please make sure to check all boxes. required
Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format
Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format
Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format
I understand that the item I checkout is due 6 weeks from the day I check out required
Please call a week prior to schedule your return during business hours. - 570-674-8200 (Hours may differ due to COVID) Make sure to return items in good condition, clean, and at your predetermined time scheduled.required
If you would like to check the item out for a longer period of time, please call the Autism Center at 570-674-8200 or email and if the item is still available, you will be able to renew your item. If not, we can add you to the waitlist.