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Elder Religious and Diocesan Priests Workshop

Mind, Spirit, & Body:
Holistic Care of Elder Religious & Diocesan Priests (ERDP) Amidst COVID-19
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This free webinar explored the three areas (mind, spirit, & body) essential to the holistic care of the elder religious and diocesan priests’ population during these unprecedented and challenging times.
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Mind: Strategies to Address Depression, Anxiety, & Social Isolation in a COVID-19 World with David Hage, MSW, LCSW, ACSW, C-ASWCM

Spirit: Pastoral and Spiritual Impact of our Losses in a COVID Environment: Grieving and Healing  with Br. Wayne J. Fitzpatrick, MM, MS, MA, C-GCM & Sr. Mary C. Hopkins, OP, MS, CRPS, CGT

Body: The Body’s Wisdom: Teaching us the Connection Between Body, Mind and Spirit with Dayna Larson-Hurst, RN, MSOD

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