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Enrollment Marketing

The Enrollment Marketing Department is responsible for the planning, development and implementation of the University’s undergraduate, transfer, graduate, and adult learner recruiting and marketing strategies, utilizing all media and marketing outlets while ensuring consistency of the visual images and messages in alignment with the University’s mission and vision.

Enrollment Marketing works directly with Enrollment Management, Admissions, Corporate Recruitment, the Center for Adult and Continuing Education, and the University’s three academic schools to promote credit-bearing programming directly or indirectly related to the recruitment of prospective students.

Services Offered

  • Consultation on academic department marketing needs in relation to enrollment and student recruitment.
  • Copywriting, conceptualization, and placement or delivery of all academic marketing collaterals including print, digital media (including email marketing and online advertising), radio, television, and outdoor media.
  • Development and implementation of content strategy for individual academic department web pages.


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The Marketing Department is dedicated to the service, support and ethical advancement of Misericordia University. We will promote the mission of the University, its strategic goals and the values of its founders and sponsors, the Religious Sisters of Mercy, through:

  • accurate, consistent, and creative publicity, advertising and other marketing methods.
  • serving as a resource and consultant to University entities on matters of communication.
  • integrating key messages throughout all service lines and fostering new lines of communication between University entities.
  • serving as a liaison to external audiences to facilitate communication about the University
  • monitoring and evaluating the university's internal and external environments.

The Marketing Department offers a wide range of services that support the marketing of Misericordia University to various external constituencies, including prospective full-time and part-time students, parents, alumni, corporate partners, and the general public. While the Marketing Department focuses on projects that require a combination of original design, writing, and photography, the department also handles projects that may require only one of these services. Specific projects include print and online communications. The staff is available as a consultant on all projects that ultimately promote Misericordia University to its external constituents and the general public. All marketing materials in all mediums are designed and approved by Cougar Prints working in conjunction with Marketing and Public Relations and Publications.

The department also is responsible for the effective strategic and tactical planning for the marketing of new and existing programs based on the University's overall Strategic Plan. The department coordinates the strategic marketing and most of the individual marketing tactics used by the University. These tactics include, but are not limited to, the use of paid advertising, e-mail, social media, direct mail, point-of-purchase displays, brochures, flyers, outdoor advertising.

Web Services

Another key area of the Marketing Department is the Web Services group that is responsible for specific content on the web site as well as supporting nearly 100 users across campus. Web Services primary role is to manage the University's effort in innovating and developing online marketing strategies while ensuring that content on the website and in social media is current and relevant to the intended audience. For more information on Web Services, please visit their page here.

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