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Branding and Graphic Standards

Logo and Trademark Licensing

Protected Marks and Name

The University has secured trademark protection for the following items:

  • the name “Misericordia University,”
  • all athletic logos and marks
  • “arch” icons

Guidelines for using Trademarks and Pending Trademarks of Misericordia University

The trademarks and pending trademarks of the University are not to be used in any way that implies endorsement of a business or service. The trademarks are not to be used in any way that will discriminate against any persons or groups or in any way that would be a violation of the University’s anti-discrimination policies.

Authorized Use

Trademarks must always be used in accordance with the guidelines outlined in these procedures.


Procedures for the use of the trademarks in print publications are outlined in detail in the Misericordia University Identity Standards Manual.

On Campus

University departments and student groups can use the trademarks and pending trademarks for brochures, fliers, posters or other publications that are distributed on campus so long as they do not violate the “Restrictions on Use” as outlined in these procedures.

Off Campus

Use of the trademarks in publications intended for distribution off campus requires prior written approval from Marketing or Cougar Prints. Individuals and offices working directly with Marketing or Cougar Prints to produce an item that contains a University trademark do not need to seek prior permission.

Web Pages

The University’s Marketing staff governs the use of trademarks on the World Wide Web. Permission must be obtained with the use of trademarks and pending trademarks.

Use of Trademarks in Class

Any item/artwork/product produced as part of a course and which uses Misericordia University’s trademarks for non-commercial purposes do not require approval. The University reserves the right to approve or disapprove any use of the trademarks, even if not explicitly prohibited by these procedures or these guidelines.

Product Use and product restrictions

  • Product restrictions include but are not limited to those listed below: (If you have questions regarding product use and product restrictions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Marketing department).
  • Products that could be used to injure or kill
  • Products that could present a high-liability exposure
  • Products that endorse political candidates or that express a political point of view
  • Alcohol-related products
  • Tobacco-related products
  • Sexually suggestive products
  • Products that are inimical to the mission or image of the University


Artwork restrictions include but are not limited to those listed below. If you have any questions about artwork, please call the Marketing department.

  • Art depicting the use or endorsement of alcohol
  • Art depicting the use or endorsement of illegal drugs
  • Art depicting the use or endorsement of tobacco products
  • Art depicting the use or endorsement of firearms or other weapons
  • Art depicting racist, sexist, hateful, demeaning or degrading language or statements
  • Art depicting profanity
  • Art depicting sexual acts
  • Art depicting statements impugning other universities
  • Art of a design incorporating trademarks or copyrights not owned by the University, unless written permission for such use is obtained from the mark holder or copyright owner

Merchandise and Clothing

Cougar Prints and Purchasing departments maintain a list of authorized vendors who have signed a vendor agreement governing the use of University trademarks and pending trademarks. Faculty, staff, administration, and student groups seeking to use trademarks or pending trademarks in the production of items including, but not limited to, T-shirts, coffee mugs, tickets, balloons, uniforms, booths, and exhibits, must work through authorized vendors. Businesses can be designated an authorized vendor by entering an application with the University through the Purchasing Department, at no charge to them.

As a result of Misericordia’s trademark regulation and requirements, these procedures have been developed to provide information and guidelines to the University community regarding the use of Misericordia’s trademarks. The procedures apply to faculty, staff, students, academic departments, administrative divisions and departments, alumni clubs, informal groups and student organizations.


Unauthorized use of Misericordia University trademarks is subject to civil and criminal penalties. Individuals and suppliers who use trademarks of Misericordia University without permission from the Marketing department are subject to actions including receiving a cease-and-desist notice, having merchandise confiscated and legal proceedings.