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Initiating a Project

Before You Begin a Project

The Marketing Department encourages departments, divisions, and/or colleges are developing a program or service to be marketed or promoted at any level to consult with a member of our staff at the beginning of the project.

It is critical to consider timeline, available non-monetary resources, expected results, and overall marketing budget at the beginning of the project. Your project may have a direct impact on other marketing projects, so those linkages must be explored at the very beginning.

Here are some other important questions:

  • Is there a market for your project/product? Why?
  • Who is your market and where are they?
  • How can they be reached?
  • What is the value to be conveyed to the target market
  • What is the value of your project to the university?

For any project to be supported by the Marketing Departments, it must have a direct relation to the University's strategic plan or one of its operational plans. The project must have the necessary funding, and the department developing the project must be willing to partner with both departments to ensure the success of the effort.

Please contact a representative of the Marketing Department or Cougar Prints to serve as a consultant to your project.

How do I start a project and whom do I call?

Misericordia University welcomes inquiries about various types of projects from all University departments and programs focused on internal and external promotions. Determining where to start can sometimes be confusing, but any member of the three staffs can be of assistance when you call and will guide you at the starting point to ensure your needs are being met. We will help you determine if your project should be handled by Cougar Prints, Marketing, or a combination if necessary. Before contacting our offices, you should have a general sense of the scope of your project, such as:

  • Will you need writing, design, and/or photography?
  • What format will best suit your objectives – press release, brochure, booklet, other?
  • What is your overall budget?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • When do you need delivery? *

*This last question above is a key one, as marketing and the production process can take anywhere from several weeks to many months. (See our sample time estimates below.) Once you have thought about these questions, you will have the information Marketing needs to get started.

Guidelines for deadlines

The below guidelines are just that, guidelines. With every project/campaign time lines may change and are dependent upon the event, campaign, or subject matter. Once your speak with a representative of one of our departments you have a better idea of timeline for completion of your project/campaign. Please note that when print is involved you may need to allow 2-3 weeks for printing depending on the quantity of the project.

Ad for print 1 week
Brochure 4 weeks
Booklets 6 weeks
Digital billboard 1 week
Flyer 2 weeks
FAQ sheet 2 weeks
Invitation 3 weeks
Magazine 3-6 months
Poster 3 weeks
Press release 2 weeks
Billboard 2 weeks
Bus shelter 2 weeks
Postcard 2 weeks
Web design 1 week