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Brand Drivers


Misericordia prepares students in the tenets of Mercy, Service, Justice, and Hospitality, ready to emerge into a challenging society as ethical and moral servant leaders. Students lead lives of personal consequence guided by enduring values that forge a common bond across generations of alumni. Through Misericordia’s rich heritage and an emphasis on of learning through service and volunteerism, we cultivate within each student a lifelong commitment to improve the lives of others. The work we do as educators can be measured by the beneficial impact our students have during their careers, and personal lives.

Brand Personality

Misericordia's brand personality speaks to who we are as an institution and how we prepare our students in accordance with our mission. It is a rich tapestry of values and ideals woven with almost a century of history and experience that governs our everyday actions.

Steeped in the traditions of the Sisters of Mercy, Misericordia creates a culture of caring by offering personalized attention to each student and by developing an architecture of support to address every need. 
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Misericordia understands the direct correlation between experiential learning and future success. By providing students with opportunities to develop their professional skills through first-hand experiences, they are poised to achieve their goals.
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A rigorous curriculum is at the core of a Misericordia education. Misericordia delivers opportunities for personal and academic growth throughout the educational experience. Thus, students are encouraged to challenge themselves and their expectations so as to perform beyond what they thought was possible.
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A. Supportive Campus Environment

Misericordia University fosters welcoming environment where inclusion is valued. Opportunities for student success and support are prioritized and engrained in our personal interactions, structured curriculum, programs, and activities. We empower a community of engagement and compassion where collaboration, civility, and interpersonal skills are a priority.

B. Student Success

At Misericordia University, we prepare students to achieve their very best academically, athletically, socially and professionally. The distinctive atmosphere at the university focuses on challenging academic experiences, personal attention from faculty and staff, and career preparation through academic excellence, experiential learning, and co-curricular activity. Evidenced by outstanding persistence, graduation and job placement rates, and admissions to graduate programs, the university’s range of opportunities for career exploration, service to others, and personal growth, including its distinctive Guaranteed Placement Program, provides students with unparalleled preparation as they embark upon careers and lives of consequence