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Your Social Media One Stop Shop! 

Behind the tweets, posts, tiktoks, and snaps is Misericordia University's Enrollment Marketing Squad. See us all in action doing our thing and then some in the nearby TikTok.

We’re here to help you navigate the virtual landscape and help you connect with a variety of social platforms. From sharing a directory of Misericordia University-approved social media sites to providing consultation on social strategy to the MU community, we've got you covered!

Complete Social Media Directory

Visit to View All Official University Accounts

For Everyone

We are in your Space! Check out our interactive social media feed below to see the latest content on all the Misericordia University platforms and visit our Solo page for additional resources including upcoming news and events.  Be sure to visit the directory below which contains links to official MU social media sites. These sites are maintained by various entities at the university.

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For Admins

If you would like your page added to our official directory, you will need to seek approval by submitting the social media site application found on myMU (MU's internal portal). You may also send an email to with any questions you may have regarding the process.

@misericordiau Meet Misericordia’s marketing squad! 🐾 …maybe next we can meet the President’s team 👀 @presdanmyersmu #mistok #mucougars #college #marketing ♬ original sound - Misericordia University