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Intellectual Property Agreement

Introduction - Policy Preamble

Misericordia University and its faculty, administration, staff, and students, collectively referred to herein as the "university community", believe that the public interest is best served by creating an intellectual environment whereby creative efforts and innovations can be encouraged and rewarded, while still retaining for Misericordia University and the university community reasonable access to, and administrative use of, the intellectual property for whose creation Misericordia University has provided assistance in the form of substantial use of university funds, resources or facilities.

Misericordia University supports the development, production, and dissemination of intellectual property by members of its university community. The purpose of this policy is to facilitate such development, production and dissemination by clarifying the rights of the university and other members of the university community to intellectual property created by members of the university community.

Download the Complete Institutional Policy on the Ownership of Intellectual Property