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Photo Request Policy

The Marketing Communications Department and its public relations staff are the source of media relations and publicity efforts for Misericordia University. In that regard, the department is also the primary source for the scheduling of publicity photography.

All requests must be received at least five working days in advance in order to guarantee availability of photographic resources. Failure to provide proper notice could result in an inability to schedule a photographer or increased fees that may be passed along to the requesting department. To schedule a photographer, please contact Amy Bachman at 570-674-3342 or at abachman@misericordia.edu

Payment for Use of Professional Photographers

The department recognizes that the campus is the site of many noteworthy activities that seem appropriate to promote or document with photography; however, much like any other office supply or service, the University accrues fees and costs when professional photographers are summoned to a University event.

The Marketing Department maintains a budget to fund publicity photography. The funds are used at the sole discretion of the public relations staff in Marketing. In general, the public relations staff will hire professional photographers for University-related events when the event has news impact for the University or if the event offers significant support to the marketing plan or other strategic initiatives. Examples include commencement, convocation, launch of a new degree program, guest lecture, new administrative staff appointments, community service project, major financial gifts, etc. The Director and Assistant Director of Marketing approve the use of Marketing funds for publicity photography. If your department, college, or other University entity feels they have events that require routine photography but are not able to be supported by Marketing funds, you should add that expense to your annual budget to ensure that those photographs can be obtained if they don't rise to the level of official publicity.

Photography - Other Options

Again, as stated above, Marketing does recognize that several events occur on campus that may not rise to the level listed above but are worthwhile nonetheless. In those cases, departments or individuals have other options:

  1. Choose to pay for the photographer from the respective department or individual's own budget.
  2. Schedule and borrow a digital camera from Marketing and take the photo themselves.
  3. Use their own camera and photogenic resources.