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EVAC: Experiencing Veterans & Artist Collaborations

November 1 – December 20, 2020

EVAC Prooject

Using storytelling and art, the EVAC Project bridges the gap between civilians and veterans by educating the public about life in the military. EVAC curators interview veterans from all five branches of the armed forces, who served from WWII through the post-9/11 period. Printmakers interpret the audio recording of a veterans’ personal military experience. The resulting prints are displayed with excerpts of the veterans’ transcribed audio, so that the viewers can relate the artistic interpretations to the veterans’ story. The process of storytelling and interpretation central to EVAC makes it a project uniquely positioned to promote empathy from multiple groups – the artist and viewer for the veteran’s experience, and the veteran for the artist’s realization of their stories.

Curated by Professor Lee Fearnside,
Professor Joe Van Kerkhove, Dr. John Schupp