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Past exhibitions have highlighted innovations in form and technique by artists from around the world and throughout different time periods. 


art gallery exhibit
art gallery exhibit
Gallery Opening America's Road

Gallery opening for America's Road: The Journey of Route 66, June, 2018. Photo by L Little

circle logo with green text %22Holly Wilson%22

On Turtle's Back logo with "Holly Wilson" in green letters at right side. Exhibition dates September 8 - October 11, 2022

wide gallery view of sculptures and sculptural wall installation

Wide Gallery View, On Turtle's Back by Holly Wilson

Long gallery view with photography on left side and sculptural installation to right. Metal installation sculpture on back wa

Long gallery view, On Turtle's Back by Holly Wilson

turtle logo on glass at the front of an art gallery

Pauly Friedman Art Gallery presents "On Turtle's Back: Holly Wilson"

Woman speaking to group of students in an art gallery
array of multiple colors of carved wax figurines in an art gallery
metal sculpture of two little girls in front of installation art made from crayons
group of college students and a female artist in an art gallery
dark colored metal sculpture in foreground of an art gallery
view of gallery with white paper panels hanging and colorful paintings in background left and installation pieces at right
View of model train with art in background

View of model train with art in background

postcard image of train on bridge over water. White exhibition logo on left

Oren B. Helbok

Reading & Northern No. 425
Peacock’s Lock Bridge, Reading, Pa.
7 October 2017

painting of three figures in front of a church cemetery and row of red houses against yellow breaker and coal train cars

Bob McCormick

After the Coal Rush


Acrylic and minerals

oil painting with blue snow and dark blue locomotive against dark green mountain range

Sue Hand

Blown Away By Wind


Oil on canvas

color photo of dark red train with v-shaped stripes on the face; coal breaker in background

Daniel Troy

Norfolk Southern Lehigh Valley Heritage Unit



black and white photo of rails narrowing into the distance with foliage on left and corrugated steel wall on right

Matthew Hinton

Rails near Old Forge


Film Photography

black and white photo showing blurred backs of two men in foreground against clear face of steam engine in background

Eric Williams

A Reenactor Strikes a Pose at Steamtown



image of white text over paintings of American Indians and Teepees

Zachary Presley, Genuineness, 2015; archival digital print, 20 1/2 x 20 1/2 inches; Courtesy of
private collection.

image of art: painted disc with man's face, space ship, blue text

Hoka Skenandore, Heroes and Villains #8, 2016; acrylic on vinyl album, 12 x 12 inches; Courtesy of
the artist.

Gallery view of three textile sculptures in red, pink, and purple. Background paintings of women covered in textile and beads
White banner with Threads logo and dates at bottom. 7 strips of fire hose material mottled with paint.

White banner with Threads logo and dates at bottom. 7 strips of fire hose material mottled with paint.

Textile sculpture with beaded fabric in pink, green, and blue. Soft discs atop head to look like round flatbread.

Lahib Jaddo, "Bread Seller," 2021, mixed media

A woman and a girl dressed in purple, red, and light blue kimonos. A pink and blue fan in upper left corner.

Utagawa Kunisada (Japanese, 1786 – 1865), The Sacred Tree (Sakaki), 1853, ink on paper, 14 3/4 x 10 1/8 inches, Gift, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Bailey, 1957.68.4.4. Reading Public Museum, Reading, Pennsylvania.

photos of musicians: woman in yellow kimono and two men in black kimono

Masayo Ishigure (koto)

Kenneth Hutchinson (shamisen)

Travis Shaver (shakuhachi)

visitors looking at Japanese prints
visitors looking at case displaying wooden shoes, neck rest, and gold stacked meal box
Woman in dark sweater and man in dark shirt looking at Japanese art prints
3 women; one in white coat, two in dark coats looking at framed Japanese art prints
View of audience gathered around Gallery Director for public tour
kimono and obi on stands in foreground; woman with back to viewer talking with Gallery Director