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Arts in Healthcare

Hope & Memory


Emerging Dimensions: Works by Li Hongbo and Can Dongdong


Contemplating Character: Portrait Drawings & Oil Sketches from Jacques Louis David to Lucien Freud

America's Road: The Journey of Route 66

Verve Vertu: Whimsy and Wonder

Canadian Masters of the Carmen and Sarah Latona Collection


Rodin: Portraits of a Lifetime

Capturing Realism 2017

Verve Vertu Art Studio

Robert Stark: The New American Landscape 2017

In the MacDonald Gallery:

James Dougher: Cryptic Artifacts

Deadly Medicine: Creating The Master Race


Hemingway and the Veneto

Ansel Adams: Masterworks

Renee Emanuel: The Golden Moment

In the MacDonald Gallery:

Bill Teitsworth: Painting Places


John Mitchell: Not a Fish

In the MacDonald Gallery:

Jacqueline Evans: Photo Extractions: Places & Things

Tibetan Monks: Sand Mandala

Capturing Realism 2015

Sharon Cosgrove: Sudden Intuition

In the MacDonald Gallery:

Roz Weinberger: For The Love of Horses

Jose Luis Corella

Salvatore Dali in Print

In the MacDonald Gallery:

Mo Devlin: Frozen Flowers