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Current: The Fine Print: African American Printmakers

January 15 - March 14, 2021

Co-curated with Raven Fine Art Editions (Easton, PA), this exhibition highlights the artistic contributions of 22 contemporary African-American printmakers.

All are welcome to join any of our related free online programs: 

Spoken Word Workshop: Wednesday, February 3, 7:00pm

Learn to create and perform original poetry with Philadelphia-based teaching artist Lamot "Napalm" Dixon!

To register: tiny.cc/MUSpoken

Lamont Dixon

Poet Lamont Dixon is dedicated to providing language arts education programs for young and old. All of his techniques are guided by this philosophy: children are imaginative, receptive, creative individuals. Lamont remains committed to the idea that the individual mind for child and adult is its own university of arts.

Lamont, aka Napalm Da Bomb, has been a prominent presence on the music/poetry scene for many years, one who often mentors young artists. As a performance poet/teaching artist, Lamont demonstrates what he describes as "vibepoetics" - an eclectic mixing of multiple artistic genres to provide dramatic language arts education. Lamont’s poetry has been published in many magazines, his latest book of poetry is Come Ride My Poems and he also appears on various jazz CDs.

Virtual Artists Studio Tour: Tuesday, February 23, 7:00pm

One of the works from The Fine Print will be added to the University's permanent collection. All are welcome to join this conversation to meet some of the featured artists and learn more about collecting works by African American artists.

To register: tiny.cc/MUVirtualStudio

Non-students can contact Lalaine Little to schedule a private viewing of the exhibition.