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Biology Camp

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Cancelled for Summer 2020

The Department of Biology at Misericordia University hosts a four-day Exploration Camp every June* from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. with additional evening activities. This camp is perfect for students entering the 11th or 12th grade.
The cost is  $125.00 per student.

This camp is for students interested in learning about various professions in the Biological Sciences. This "Bio Camp" has been developed for qualified high school students who are curious and motivated to learn about career opportunities in the Biological Sciences.

During the Biology Camp, students will

  • Interact with faculty and current Biology majors.
  • Work in groups to conduct a biological research project by exploring an urbanized aquatic stream and riparian habitat ecosystem using current sampling and data collection techniques. Project completion will require using principles and processes adapted from a variety of biological sub-disciplines, such as Microbiology, Ecology, Biodiversity, Organism Anatomy, and Physiology. The research project will include experiences in various laboratory, field, and library/research literature settings.
  • Work in groups to analyze and evaluate environmental impacts on that ecosystem by consideration of biodiversity data, water quality, and human influences. Will include use of DNA extraction processes as well as identification, biosensor and chemical titration equipment.
  • Maintain an appropriate record of research activities according to proper scientific protocols.
  • Compile and present group findings to peers, faculty, and the public.

Students are advised to bring walking/hiking shoes, hat with shade brim, and appropriate outdoor clothing highly recommended, including sunscreen.

For an application and further information, please contact Dr. Larry Corpus at (570) 674-8166 or email lcorpus@misericordia.edu