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Speech-Language Pathology Camp

SLP Camp

Speech-Language Pathology Camp

The Speech-Language Pathology Career Exploration Camp for rising seniors is June 23 - June 26. The academic camp allows students to become familiar with the many career options in the growing field of speech-language pathology. Participants tour the department’s state-of-the-art academic facilities at

John J. Passan Hall, learn about the career field from guest lecturers, interact with pediatric clients, and observe live therapy sessions in the Speech-Language and Hearing Center.

2022 SLP Career Exploration Camp

Dates: June 23 - June 26, 2024

Times: Sunday afternoon to Wednesday afternoon, with residential overnight component

Cost: The SLP program charges $125 per student, which covers the expenses for various items and activities throughout the program:

  • Backpack filled with MUSLP 4-Imprint trinkets, such as a water bottle, pen, locker mirror, notepad, fidget key chain, laptop camera cover, etc. These items serve as reminders of MU and our SLP program throughout the year.
  • Snacks and drinks are provided while in the clinic area, as the students spend most of their day there. Additionally, there's an ice cream social held with campers and the clients they work with on one day.  This is always a big hit.
  • Wings and cake are provided (with admissions covering the cost of pizza) on our faculty meet and greet night at Grotto. The inclusion of wings and the cake has been a big hit with all the students are enjoyed by the students.
  • Charging for the camp helps ensure accountability among the students and ensures that they are attending because they genuinely want to learn about SLP, rather than just viewing it as an opportunity to get away from home.

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All of the camp counselors and faculty were very helpful, informative, and caring especially when giving us advice about college life. The labs and clinics seemed advanced and gave me a better perspective on SLP programs and also allowed me to gain some knowledge on different disorders and ways to treat them.

One of the best features of this camp were the play groups in the clinic. This was an amazing experience and opportunity that really helped me realize that this truly is the major/career for me. Along with being in the play group, I also really thought watching the video clips of actual sessions (previous and live) were extremely helpful in showing me what this career truly entails. I also loved goat yoga and that was definitely my favorite evening activity.

Being able to see live sessions of students working with clients. That was very helpful. I also enjoyed working with the kids as it gave a preview of the program. I loved hanging with the counselors as they were very informative about the program and the campus in general. Loved goat yoga!!!