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Liturgical Ministries

Weekend liturgical celebrations highlight our Christian Faith and Catholic Identity. Students and community members are encouraged to participate in our liturgical celebrations. Liturgy means participation of the people in the work of God. Liturgy is a communal response to God. We give thanks and praise to God for what God has done for us, for the love and mercy God has shown, and we offer repentance or sorrow for the times we have not loved God and/or our neighbor. Liturgy needs our full participation – our attention, our prayers, our responses, our singing. It is an activity, not a spectator sport! Trained by Campus Ministry, students take an active role in the liturgy through the following ministries.


Eucharistic Minister: Students share the Eucharistic meal with fellow worshippers.
Lectors: Students proclaim the good News of our Lord through a meaningful presentation of the Scriptures.
Liturgical Choir: Singers and instrumentalists energize our weekend liturgies. All voices and talents welcomed!
Ministry of Hospitality at Liturgy: Students offer hospitality to worshippers before, during, and after liturgy by passing out song books, assisting guests, and straightening the chapel after the liturgy.
Sacristans: Students assist in setting up for liturgies and cleaning up afterwards at liturgical programs.

Another word we often use instead of liturgy is the word mass. Mass is derived from the Latin word 'missa' which means go, go out to serve God by serving one another. This is why, in the tradition of the Catholic Church and the charisms of the Sisters of Mercy, service to our brothers and sisters in need is essential to the authenticity of our worship. “The Eucharist commits us to the poor. To receive in truth the Body and Blood of Christ given up for us, we must recognize Christ in the poorest, his brethren.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, no. 1397)

Liturgy Schedule for University Chapel:
University Chapel, Mercy Hall, First Floor
Sunday @ 7:00pm - University Chapel, Mercy Hall
Tuesday @ 7:00pm - University Chapel, Mercy Hall

Liturgy Schedule for Mercy Center Chapel:
Offered at Mercy Center (below Science Bldg, main campus)
Daily liturgies: Monday-Wednesday & Friday @ 11:15am
Saturday @ 11:15am
Sunday @ 11:00am

What if I am not Catholic? All students are welcome to participate in our spiritual/religious/service programs.

If students want to learn of other churches in the area, every year in September we hold a special Church Fair so students can come and meet local pastors as well as be introduced to our local congregations. Students can also click this link to view a local listing of churches in the area and their worship times.