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Off Campus Community Resources

Emergency Services and National Hotlines:

  • Call 911
  • National Crisis and Suicide Prevention Hotline (available 24/7)
  • Crisis Text Line (available 24/7)
    • Text the word "CONNECT" to 741741

Online Directories for Providers (anywhere across the U.S.), for counselors, psychologists, and/or psychiatrists):

NEPA Hotlines and Urgent Resources:

  • Helpline Services Directory (available 24/7 for local resources)
  • Community Counseling Services of NEPA (available 24/7 for crisis services)
  • Victims Resource Center (available 24/7 for relationship violence or sexual assault)
  • Domestic Violence Service Center (available 24/7 for relationship violence)

NEPA Hospitals:

  • Wilkes-Barre General Hospital (Emergency Room; Crisis Response & Recovery Center)
  • First Hospital of Wyoming Valley (psychiatric treatment)
  • Geisinger Hospital (medical only)

Other NEPA Referral Information

The CAPS Center maintains an extensive directory of referral information for a variety of services available in our community. Please contact the CAPS Center to schedule a consultation session to discuss your concerns and receive recommendations about potential services and resources to best match your needs.  Appointments may be made during normal business hours by visiting the CAPS Center, located on the lower level of McGowan Hall, or by calling 570-674-6408.